Mayhem breaks out at Sensenbrenner/Vukmir Town Hall in Wauwatosa. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of the final seven minutes before adjournment.

Last night, a town hall meeting was conducted with Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI-5th District), Wisconsin State Senator Leah Vukmir (R-5th District-Wauwatosa/West Allis), and Wisconsin State Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-14th District-Wauwatosa/Brookfield) at the Wauwatosa Public Library.

Before the meeting started, Congressman Sensenbrenner strictly explained to participants the ground rules of the meeting and advised that “the meeting was an exchange of ideas and not a cheering session.”  Because the meeting was held at the library, Sensenbrenner stressed to participants that they should be considerate of people in the upper level of the library and that they are guests.  During the entire meeting, there was a lot of yelling and shouting directed at Senator Vukmir when she answered questions.

There was one portion of the meeting where a liberal activist made a scene of himself and accused Congressman Sensenbrenner of being “un-American” over requests he made to participants to follow proper decorum.   I filmed the final seven minutes of the meeting where a Sussex-Hamilton teacher acted very snippy when asking her question to Senator Vukmir.  The teacher got snippy because she was told by the Congressman that her question could not be deferred to someone else.

When the teacher went up to the podium, she resorted to the union talking points on collective bargaining when asking her question.  After Vukmir gave her response, the crowd interrupted and shouted at the Senator.  Congressman Sensenbrenner gave a final warning to meeting participants.  After another interruption, the meeting was adjourned and people were yelling their displeasure.  Minutes later, a near-altercation happened by the podium after someone used the microphone to give a piece of his mind.

Below are the YouTube clips.  The upper clip shows the final minutes leading to adjournment while the lower clip shows a liberal activist making a scene of himself.  Today’s TMJ 4 in Milwaukee got the YouTube clip of the final minutes before adjournment and it will be highlighted on tonight’s 6p news.

A Sussex-Hamilton teacher questions Senator Vukmir. It is during this clip that Congressman Sensenbrenner adjourned the meeting early because of repeated interruptions by town hall participants.
In this clip, a liberal activist makes a scene of himself and walks out. During that clip, he accused Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner of being “Un-American”.
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EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Democrat State Senator Lena Taylor caught on tape in Chicago’s South Side.

After receiving a tip from a friend in Lombard, IL, that State Senator Lena Taylor maybe speaking in person, I decided to go down to Chicago yesterday.  I went to the Experimental Station near the University of Chicago and got video footage of the fugitive Senator speaking to a packed house.  Ms. Taylor has not lost the same form for ranting her views since melting down last week on WLS 890’s Don Wade and Roma show. Senator Taylor may have found her new home in President Obama’s old stomping grounds.  If she upholds her promise to stay down in Illinois, Ms. Taylor can become the 60th member of the Illinois State Senate and forfeit her membership in the Wisconsin State Senate.  Governor Pat Quinn would welcome another big tax hiker with open arms to the Land of Lincoln.

A big thank you to Illinois Review for posting my video on Ms. Taylor’s school choice rant.

Lena Taylor gives a long ramble and rant on education. Ms. Taylor also said that she would stay in Illinois as long as possible.
In this clip, Lena Taylor double talks about labor unions. Ms. Taylor praises labor but at the same time criticizes teachers unions in the Milwaukee Area.
In this clip, Lena Taylor claims there is media bias in the whole Wisconsin budget battle. However, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other media outlets have been favorable to Ms. Taylor’s cause.
In this clip, Lena Taylor gives a long rant from complaining there is not enough women running for office to education. Ms. Taylor has not lost her form to rant, ramble, and rave from last Friday’s meltdown on 890 WLS.
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Congratulations Packers!!! Super Bowl XLV Champions!!

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers on winning Super Bowl XLV.

Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers with the Lombardi Trophy. Photo from JSOnline.

John Madden always said that the best part of winning a Super Bowl is “that it sticks with you forever.”  With this win, no one on the Packers has to explain why they are the best.

I am very happy to see my Blackhawks and the Packers win championships in the past year.

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Reagan Centennial dinner in pictures


Former UN Ambassador John Bolton takes questions from the media.


US Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) greets dinner attendees


Blogger’s/Media row at the Reagan Centennial.  John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit, Warner Todd Huston, and others blogging about the event. 


A packed house pays tribute to President Ronald Reagan in Illinois, his birthplace.

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Statement on the Illinois Income Tax Increase

Governor Pat Quinn’s approval of an income tax increase last month by both houses of the General Assembly shows that The Land of Lincoln is closed for business.

The income tax increase is a sign of lawmakers who are looking for a easy way out and not taking responsibility for past fiscal problems.  Governors and legislators in both parties are responsible for this years-long mess.

Whatever jobs Illinois loses from the income tax increase is the gain of states like Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Indiana who are working hard to woo job creators out of Illinois.

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Newt Gingrich’s after-dinner speech that rocked the house at the Reagan Centennial dinner

Blogging from Chicago

Good Afternoon.  Right after the Reagan Centennial dinner was done, everyone was partying it up at the bars inside the Chicago Hilton.  The bartenders gave a toast to the greatest American President ever.

Here is the video of Newt Gingrich’s speech last night from the Reagan Centennial dinner.

Newt Gingrich’s after dinner speech at the Chicago Hilton.


Newt Gingrich wows the crowd at the Reagan Centennial dinner.


After the speech was over, Gingrich was given a standing ovation from the crowd.

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My take on the NFL labor situation heading into Super Bowl.

A quick break from the Reagan Dinner posting as I wanted to give my take on the NFL labor situation.

On Friday during his State of the League address, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did not comment if the league is heading towards a lockout.  As a devout football fan, I call on both Goodell and the NFLPA to get a deal in place for the good of the sport.

I also call on the NFLPA to stop its posturing and start working with the league’s owners to get a solution on rookie salaries.  A rookie salary limit is a common sense solution and would force first year players to earn it on the field if they want a bigger contract later in their careers.

Packers fans should be concerned that a lockout could be disastrous for Wisconsin’s economy.  With Green Bay being unique from other NFL cities, the effects of a lockout will impact the entire State of Wisconsin.  If you go to Green Bay for a Packers game weekend, hotels are booked up from Green Bay to Oshkosh.  Also, all the road teams stay in Appleton for home games.  Add in the Milwaukee ticket holders, they contribute too.

The economic impact of the Packers and the NFL is at stake in the next couple months and fans need to put the pressure on both sides to get a deal in place.

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