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The Crime Lab Backlog Problem is solved, Attorney General Van Hollen’s Leadership Can Be Credited

Just today, Attorney General JB Van Hollen announced an expansion to the Madison Crime Lab as nineteen new DNA Analysts fully completed training to do the job in solving the backlog in the state crime lab.  At the same time … Continue reading

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Rail Proposals in Wisconsin Should Make Taxpayers Aware

First, we hear of the KRM (Kenosha-Milwaukee-Racine) Metra Rail Line, now we hear Madison is just about to have a light rail line, which city could be next as this thing called light rail or commuter rail could be robbing … Continue reading

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Governor Doyle’s Transportation Fund Raids Are Really Hurting the Victims of the Flood who Need

The Republican Party of Wisconsin today issued a press release showing the dehabilitating impacts of Governor Doyle’s raids to the transportation fund as now  Frank Busalacchi  the Wisconsin State Secretary of Transporatation is perhaps giving the idea the legislature may … Continue reading

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Midwest Airlines In Reorganization in Oak Creek Puts the Cookie in Disarray

Just yesterday The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  reported that Midwest Airlines is in a major restructuring effort to keep the company profitable.  Just last year, people worried if the cookie was going to survive a hostile takeover by AirTran Airways, but … Continue reading

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Americans for Prosperity Uses the Leadership Briefings to Hit The Health Care Message Home

Just this past week, Americans for Prosperity in Manitowoc and Eau Claire had a leadership briefing to talk to area activists in Eau Claire and Manitowoc.  Large, packed crowds came to hear insights especially on the health care issue from … Continue reading

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Jim Doyle’s Fundraising While Wisconsin Suffers in Floods Show a Red Flag to Whether He Cares About Wisconsin People

Any Wisconsin Citizen should be outraged that Governor Jim Doyle has been having fundraisers to support the Democratic party but do it at a time when Wisconsin was in one of the worst disasters our state has seen should be … Continue reading

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Comcast Can Get A Deal Done With the Big Ten Network, Now Time Warner and Charter Get Your Act Together

Despite Americans for Prosperity did not take any offical stand on any of the cable television competion bills or the Big Ten Network/NFL Network debacle, I fought hard on my own to get the Big Ten Network and NFL Network … Continue reading

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