Americans for Prosperity Uses the Leadership Briefings to Hit The Health Care Message Home

Just this past week, Americans for Prosperity in Manitowoc and Eau Claire had a leadership briefing to talk to area activists in Eau Claire and Manitowoc.  Large, packed crowds came to hear insights especially on the health care issue from Chairwoman of the Assembly Health Care Committie Leah Vukmir (R-14th District-Wauwatosa/Brookfield), President of the Benefit Services Group Gerald Frye, and distinguished Wall Street Journal writer Steve Moore.  It is great to see that Americans for Prosperity even after one year, still hit the message home that people need to know the real ramifications of what would happen if Wisconsin had Government Run Health Care.  Last summer, when I was an AFP-Intern I actually traveled close to 2000 miles to uncover the truth on universal health care in Wisconsin.  The crowds were packed and very divided down the middle suggesting that Wisconsin is divided on the health care issue.  AFP has won the battle so far, and still we must have one house of the legislature in GOP control to force compromise on the health care issue.  To be honest, I know friends back at UW-Madison School of Medicine who are fearing if the Government took over health care.  They are worried that they would get substandard reimbursement and having to compete for the same patient pool while having to deliver rationed care.  In Canada, you tear your ACL, you gotta wait six weeks to three months to get surgery.  Wisconsin has already been a magnet one time enough for welfare, but for us to become another magnet for welfare, but for free health care will further bankrupt our state down the wrong path.  I beleive health care is important, but a one-dimensional policy will not solve the problem.  Democrat State Representative and Manitowoc County Executive Bob Ziegelbauer adovcates for free market health care and made it happen with a heavily unionized Manitowoc County workforce.  But, when you have Senators Jon Erpenbach and Pat Krietlow say that AFP has no plan to solve the health care crisis shows their ignorance to listen to both sides of the issue.  Last July, I saw Senators Krietlow and Kathleen Vinehout in Eau Claire try to pump people to believe the Healthy Wisconsin Agenda, but again the Democrats to say that the state’s buying power to give everyone the same health care as members of the legislature fails to look at economic premise of the inefficencies that would happen in government run health care.  Senator Pat Krietlow’s comments expressed towards the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram on AFP and Gerald Frye while he attended the leadership briefing shows that the ex-TV reporter turned senator is ignoring the fact that he does not want to debate the issue fully, especially in a senate district that is moderate and leans to the right.  Voters in his district will remember his comments, and it will show that his attitude to not work with the other side will turn off his base.

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