Comcast Can Get A Deal Done With the Big Ten Network, Now Time Warner and Charter Get Your Act Together

Despite Americans for Prosperity did not take any offical stand on any of the cable television competion bills or the Big Ten Network/NFL Network debacle, I fought hard on my own to get the Big Ten Network and NFL Network on basic cable in a fair, free-market fashion that benefited Wisconsin consumers.  Now, when I heard that Comcast this week finally signed a deal with the Big Ten Network, it shows that yes big cable is committed to the Big Ten as the network will be on Comcast on August 15th before football season.  This was a big deal because Comcast serves a lot of the Big Ten Conference area including Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis Cleveland, Columbus, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh in which these major markets serve the Big Ten.  In Wisconsin, Charter and Time Warner still control a lot of the cable market in Wisconsin.  When I was at the public hearings last year and this year on the Fair Access to Networks (FAN) Bill, the Big Ten Network expressed a free market attitude saying they want to negoiatie fairly to the deal.  Still, the NFL Network is going to flood back to Madison asking for arbitration.  With what Mark Silverman and the Big Ten Network done with Comcast should really open and wake up Charter and Time Warner and get their act together before football season.  Two thirds of Wisconsin from Appleton to LaCrosse are covered by Charter or Time Warner. Last December, I had the pleasure to meet Mark Silverman, and he was committed to doing what he could to deliver the BTN to fans.  Still, I have heard that even Time Warner just flat refuses to deal with the Big Ten Network according to Barry Alvarez-Wisconsin Athletic Director.  If there is one thing that fans in Wisconsin can do, it is call up Time Warner or Charter and tell them to do what Comcast did.  If Comcast can hammer it out, there is no excuse Time Warner and Charter should refuse to deal fairly.



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