Jim Doyle’s Fundraising While Wisconsin Suffers in Floods Show a Red Flag to Whether He Cares About Wisconsin People

Any Wisconsin Citizen should be outraged that Governor Jim Doyle has been having fundraisers to support the Democratic party but do it at a time when Wisconsin was in one of the worst disasters our state has seen should be viewed as a kick in the groin to the Wisconsin people.  Radio talk show hosts Vicki McKenna and Jerry Bader used the power of talk radio along with Reince Priebus the Wisconsin GOP Chairman to send a clear message, donate the money to the flood victims.  Governor Doyle had his sixth annual golf outing at a time when Lake Delton was flooded.  The price tag is very hefty asking for $1,250 suggested minimum per golfer as advertised as his annual golf outing at University Ridge.  None of that money is going to the flood victims, but to advance a politcal agenda.  This attitude by Governor Doyle shows that he is out of touch with the people of this state, especially aligning himself with Barack Obama.  If Governor Doyle is serious about being with a candidate who wants to change big money politics, Wisconsin voters should think twice.  Remember, TravelGate with Adelman travel, the oracle deal, and all the money Governor Doyle will never give back from convicted fugitive Norman Hsu.  Think about that the next time you go to hear him speak at an Obama rally, it will make you think further about Doyle’s dealings with Tony Rezko.  Maybe in 2010, Wisconsin voters and also in Illinois can stand up and said we had enough and replace the current governors with more responsive, disciplined leadership.

http://www.wispolitics.com/index.iml?Article=122167 The Actual Invitation from WisPolitics on the event in question.

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