Governor Doyle’s Transportation Fund Raids Are Really Hurting the Victims of the Flood who Need

The Republican Party of Wisconsin today issued a press release showing the dehabilitating impacts of Governor Doyle’s raids to the transportation fund as now  Frank Busalacchi  the Wisconsin State Secretary of Transporatation is perhaps giving the idea the legislature may be called into special session AGAIN to solve another funding problem done by constant raids by Governor Doyle and his use of the transporation fund for his own personal satisfaction.  Mark Jefferson the Executive Director of the Republican Party said in a press release: “Governor Doyle squandered hundreds of millions of dollars from the state’s transportation fund, threatening our ability to deal with disasters like the recent floods. Already, the Doyle appointed transportation secretary thinks the legislature may need to step in as a result of the governor’s mismanagement.”-Mark Jefferson-Executive Director-Republican Party of Wisconsin in a RPW Issued Press Release on how Governor Doyle’s Transportation Fund Raids are affecting reconstruction and recovery efforts in Wisconsin.

“Governor Doyle’s use of the state’s transportation fund as his own personal slush fund now threatens local governments and property taxpayers.” 

Right now, the taxpayers of Wisconsin are feeling the side effects of Governor Doyle using the Frankenstien Veto to transfer funds without legislative approval to the University System and many other of his other special interest allies who have benefited off this mismanagement.  Gas prices are high enough, Illinois even with a toll road system is even worse.  The voters did the right thing this past April to ban the Frankenstien Veto, but right now people in Wisconsin are feeling the irrereversible damage of the Governor’s past actions.  Wisconsin cannot afford to put more gas taxes at a time when gas prices are too high.  Right now, there are road projects in Wisconsin that cannot be done on time because of the insider corruption that happens at the Department of Transportation.  But, can taxpayers handle anymore problems the DOT is facing from bid-rigging, to no bid contracts, and even now a DOT Secretary who is fearing for the third time the legislature will be called into Special Session to ask the legislature for more money.  This stuff should make taxpayers angry, this is why Wisconsin cannot afford to have the Democratic Party control both houses of the State Legislature.  We already as a state busted our tails and fought hard to get out of the top ten taxed states, but still there are some legislators who want higher taxes for their own personal satisfaction. 

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