The Crime Lab Backlog Problem is solved, Attorney General Van Hollen’s Leadership Can Be Credited

Just today, Attorney General JB Van Hollen announced an expansion to the Madison Crime Lab as nineteen new DNA Analysts fully completed training to do the job in solving the backlog in the state crime lab.  At the same time close to sixty percent of people according to a UW Survey Center poll said they do not know JB Van Hollen.  That number comes to the fact that JB Van Hollen accomplished this feat without gloat or glamour and living up to what the Department of Justice is supposed to be as Attorney General.  In my opinion as an attorney general you go to court and fight cases when you are expected to be in court, lead a staff of state attorneys, and do it within following the constitution of the State of Wisconsin.  People may not know him because people are used to the days when Jim Doyle was Attorney General and all the glamour and hype he brought to the office as then Attorney General Doyle led with his personal agenda over the agenda of the Wisconsin people.  From this accomplishment AG Van Hollen has done, you can tell Attorney General Van Hollen is living up to his promises to lead the Department of Justice from his campaign to fight crime and restore accountablity in the Department of Justice.  Now, more than ever Wisconsin needs our Attorney General’s leadership to continue to make Wisconsin a safer place to live.  This event is just a sign of more great things to come from.  Like Jesse Ventura said: “I want people to remember me as Governor thinking that the government did not exsist.”  This quote just underlies of how different the Department of Justice is, knowing of what can happen with a department of government just folllowing what the constitution says.  People may not know you, like Doyle and Lautenschlager, but people will remember you for the accomplishments you did even without gloating about it.

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