There Are After Affects from April 2007

Right now, there is a lot of negative after effects right now after the 2007 and 2008 Supreme Court Elections.  First, on Friday Epic Systems of Verona announced that they will cut ties with any vendor that supports Wisconsin Manufactuers and Commerce, then Justice Annette Ziegeler closed her campaign account claming that she will not be able to repay a campaign loan close to $50,000.  Now, Michael Gabelman is the subject of frivolous complaints being filed by left wing interest groups such as the Greater Wisconsin Committie and One Wisconsin Now.  These are the after effects after the left lost two critical elections last year and this year.  First, Epic said that they are progressive and politically neutral and claiming that the amount of money spent by WMC over the Supreme Court Race with Gableman and Butler is a reason that they want to cut ties with any WMC supporting vendors.  Whoa, there is a double standard, if Epic is politically neutral then they should look at the amount of money One Wisconsin Now and the Greater Wisconsin Committie spent to attack Judge Gableman.  It is time that people in Wisconsin know that One Wisconsin Now and the GWC are just out to seek more damage and not accept the results of the past two elections.  Now, there is a third supreme court election in three years in 2009, and if there is one thing to be known is if a conservative defeats Shirley Abrahamson then it will make the environment worse.   The Judicial Campaign Integrity Committie was nothing but a joke and a slap in the face to our judicial system in Wisconsin.  The last thing Wisconsin needs is to go to a merit selection and allow a group of unelected bureaucrats to select high court and circuit court judges.  Nebraska, Colorado, and Iowa have it and yes there are even judges or people that should not be on those merit selection commissions.  One who served on the Nebraska Judicial Qualifications Commission was in a big federal lawsuit over not allowing a rape victim to say the word rape during the testimony, while allowing the defense to do so.  Wisconsin should value its right to vote for judges as citizens to determine who is fit to serve on the state’s highest court.  But, left wing actions by OWN Epic, and the Greater WIsconsin Committie only erode this right and destroy the values our state was built on.

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2 Responses to There Are After Affects from April 2007

  1. You say that you worked on the Gableman Campaign…you should really disclose that to your readers in this blog posting. Calling OWN’s complaints “frivolous” does not make it true. Either you are blindly partisan or you are willfully ignorant of the facts. Closely examine OWN’s complaints including the library of supporting documents ( )and then explain exactly why they are “frivolous”. Gableman was not able to make that case and neither will you. Gableman did not fulfill a legitimate open records request and he made political fundraising type calls with a state phone. He is not above the law just because WMC bought him a win in a close election.

  2. ancelegek says:

    I agreed with you

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