Chicago Having the Highest Sales Tax in America Is a Economy Killer In Bad Economic Times

The Cook County Board voted earlier this year to make the Sales Tax in the County that is home to Chicago with both State and County Combined close to 12 percent.  The original purpose is to fund the CTA and health care programs.  This makes Chicago having the highest sales tax of any city in America.  Some people say Chicago will take it OK, I disagree.  This is something that adds on to the tradition on Clout Street in Chicago the same dirty, corrupt politics we know Illinois for in which some of it has made its way in Wisconsin thanks to Governor Jim Doyle.

This is nothing but a action to kill the economy in Chicago.  I have friends who live in Chicago who love it there.  I like going through Chicago time after time, but imagine paying twelve percent on top to what you have to pay for a chicago style hot dog or anything you purchase.  Even for friends of mine who just moved to Chicago they dont know that they will see more of what they earn go to taxes to fund the failed policies of Rod Blageovich and Richard M. Daley, Jr.  New college grads have to go through enough burdens after finding a job and that means even rooming up with a buddy because rent is so expensive in Chicago. 

This action by the Cook County Board has angered people in Chicago, and yes dont be surprised you will see people flock from Illinois to Wisconsin to do their shopping.  Don’t be surprised on the weekends you will see the parking lots of where you shop be jam packed full of Illinois people because they will be fleeing to Wisconsin from higher taxes.  Uline has already fled Waukegan, Illinois to move their corporate headquarters to Kenosha, and do not be surprised you will see more companies in Illinois move to Wisconsin.  Businesses will be coming to Wisconsin because they are getting sick and tired of the high cost of doing business in Chicago and because of Chicago having the highest sales tax in America to continue funding the corruption in Chicago will only put Chicago in the wrong direction.  This is something Milwaukee can learn from as we learn the reality of liberal policy in action.  This is why Milwaukee County is fortunate to have Scott Walker.

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5 Responses to Chicago Having the Highest Sales Tax in America Is a Economy Killer In Bad Economic Times

  1. Mike Harmon says:

    I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Dave Reid says:

    Oddly enough in apparent disregard MillerCoors will be moving their HQ from Golden and Milwaukee to Chicago.. And turned down Dallas as well….

  3. This is just the fallout from bad public policies. Chicago is finally biting the dust from its inefficiencies.

    How many smiling faces will you see on the streets of Chicago and the traffic jams of Cook County with the rising, unbelievable sales tax rate?

  4. Eli Sargent says:

    You’ve done it again! Great writing!

  5. Jana Leach says:

    Wow I am really the first comment to your amazing read!

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