The Democrats In Congress Have NO Energy Policy, NO Plan, and NO Solutions

As we see Wisconsin and a lot of other states with gas prices crippling our economy, nothing makes me more upset with the Democratic Party offering noting but real solutions and real change to solving our energy crisis.

Last night, I had the honor to take part in an Americans for Prosperity TeleTown Hall with U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina).  Jim DeMint last night provided a refreshing voice and clarity on why we need a more comprehensive energy policy.  DeMint provided this analysis without the spin and the hype the large scale macro media is claming how bad our energy problems our.  First, I totally agree with Senator DeMint we need to Drill Here, Drill Now, so we can a lot less at the pump.  Our nation has a lot of environmentally safe areas to drill and also we need to drill offshore.  This is what the Democrats do not want to do.  The problem is in the Democratic party, you have two divisions in where the party wants to stand on the issues.  One division of the Democratic party wants something more moderate to conservative and one other wants something more liberal than what normal Americans believe in for any issue.  The Blue Dog versus Extreme Liberal Attitude in Democratic Party is a reason why Democrats in Washington and Madison do not want to change or get things done.  This is the attitude voters are recieving on the energy issue and if the Democrats do not have a real policy agenda on energy you can see them lose congressional seats and even the presidency.

Second, Senator DeMint called for more nuclear power.  The Democrats fail to realize that nuclear power is safe and many countries around the World are using nuclear power to solve their energy problems.  If we build more nuclear power, it will help our nation a long way in becoming more energy independent.  It has been clearly proven that nuclear power is safe and no one has been killed by working in nuclear power.  Wisconsin has the Point Beach Power Plant that helps deliver the solution, but if we can build more in Wisconsin a area rich for alternative energy we can create new high paying jobs that would deliver true lasting energy.

Third, the windfall profits tax is the only solution the Democratic Party has to offer.  The Democrats only believe that higher taxes and economic killing cap and trade policies are the solution.  Senator DeMint gave a total, honest assessment on energy policy in our nation and his independent voice is something we need in our Congress to force other politicans to change how they think on energy policy and other issues.  If you beleive that we need to drill here in America, I encourage you to go to American Solutions website at to sign a petition to demand Congress to Drill Now.

After reading this blog post if you feel upset and mad that Obama and the Democrats have no solution, then the North Shore Exponent encourages you to join Americans for Prosperity at Miller Park in Milwaukee on July 26th for the Hot Air Tour Press Conference and Tailgate Party at Miller Park.  This event will expose why the Democrats have no solution towards energy or climate change, and what you can do to demand candidates offer more than just talk in solving our energy problems. 

Go to to register for the Milwaukee, WI event held in the Mets Parking Lot of Miller Park.  If you have any questions, please call the AFP-Wisconsin Office at 414.475.2975.

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