One Wisconsin Now’s Recent Actions Show They Are for a Divided Wisconsin

Just yesterday One Wisconsin Now (OWN) pulled off its latest publicity stunt.  This time over Michael Gableman and possible phone calls he made with the telephones in the Ashland County District Attorney’s Office as the group filed a complaint with the Office of Laywer Regulation on this allegation.

One Wisconsin Now wants to promote a more progressive Wisconsin, but in reality they want a whole State of  Wisconsin to embrace an extreme, liberal left-wing agenda.  First, One Wisconsin Now is out on a systematic attack to make sure Wisconsin citizens think that conservative values are extreme.  One Wisconsin Now is out to destroy conservative, free market values in Wisconsin.  Every press release of theirs on only attacks conservative values.  Only press releases they title as anti-family, anti-woman, anti-child are only extreme partisan attacks that are only designed to gain publicity and and show no purpose or cause to what they do.  Their press releases are dirty, baseless attacks on organizations and elected officials who uphold the values and freedoms our state was founded on.  This time, on yesterday’s actions they don’t want you to know that they are still wanting to go back to an activist supreme court in which Wisconsin voters rejected in April.  An activist court that destroys prosperity, family values, and the moral fabric of Wisconsin.  OWN doesn’t want you to know that they want to destroy groups like Americans for Prosperity who basically work hard to fight for lower taxes, more freedoms, and more prosperity.  OWN doesn’t want you to know that they want to label candidates and elected officials fighting for the rights of the unborn  as anti-woman.  OWN doesn’t want you to know they want to go back to the day when Wisconsin had the worst tax rates in America that destroy Wisconsin’s economy especially in the day of former Governor Anthony Earl.

Second, One Wisconsin Now is not for One State of Wisconsin.  Their actions then, today, and tomorrow show they do not bring people together to get things done, but divide and conquer Wisconsin in the purpose of advancing an extreme left wing agenda in which the people in Wisconsin will reject.   Voters in this state should not be fooled by OWN’s actions, because if they keep up with their divisive, liberal agenda Wisconsin citizens will come to reject their extreme anti-values, anti-jobs, anti-prosperity, and anti-family agenda in which does not bring One Wisconsin together, but divides one State of Wisconsin. 

The latest publicity stunt by One Wisconsin Now is only just a way to create more fear, division, and hostility towards the values that Wisconsinites embrace.

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One Response to One Wisconsin Now’s Recent Actions Show They Are for a Divided Wisconsin

  1. Calling something “baseless” doesn’t make it so…I notice that you don’t explore even one item of fact around this complaint. I have not noticed you addressing one item of fact with any of OWN’s complaints. It is all available to you and your readers at the following links:

    OWN’s Complaint

    The Chart

    A Virtual Library of Gableman Docs

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