The North Shore Exponent Will Be in Texas for the RightOnline Summit

Deep in the Heart of Texas in Austin, the North Shore Exponent will join many bloggers across America for the RightOnline Summit this weekend at the Renaissance-Marriott Austin Hotel.

As  blogs like the North Shore Exponent are making an impact in our state and federal political climate, I am excited to learn the new strategies so the North Shore Exponent can continue persuade people in Wisconsin the need for solutions that will require real change and not soundbites or hyped, inflated press releases on WisPolitics.  We need the power of the new media to expose the wrongs of extreme, left wing special interest groups such as, and expose the hypocrisy of politicians like State Representative Sheldon Wasserman who try to do anything to get themselves elected.

The North Shore Exponent is thrilled and excited to be down in Texas for this important event as Austin will be the center of the political blogging world this weekend.  Both left wingers and right wingers have big conventions this weekend, I am confident that the Right Online will give bloggers for freedom and liberty the tools to defeat the so-called progressive agenda.

We will be joining prominent blogger Michelle Malkin, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr, John Fund and Steve Moore of The Wall Street Journal, The Honorable Barry Goldwater, Jr., frequent Meet the Press Commentator Bob Novak, Texas Congressman John Carter, Former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, and Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform for perhaps one of the most critical events ever in advancing conservative new media. The Link to the RightOnline Summit

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One Response to The North Shore Exponent Will Be in Texas for the RightOnline Summit

  1. steveegg says:

    Wish I could be there, but I simply can’t get enough time off.

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