Update from Austin at the RightOnline Summit

It has been a great couple days at the RightOnline/Texas Defending the American Dream Summit.  Over the past couple days I had the great opportunity to be with bloggers from across the United States to show a winning message that the right can go online and win.  This summit will allow me to help other conservative bloggers in the State of Wisconsin defeat liberal, immoral special interests such as Citizen Action and One Wisconsin Now, and a agenda that destroys America and Wisconsin.

Also, I had the opportunity to network with elected officials in the State of Texas, other Americans for Prosperity members in  Texas, and yesterday the dinner with Barry Goldwater, Jr. and CNN Analyst Bob Novak went great.  I asked Mr. Novak a question about our beloved Congressman Paul Ryan.  Novak responded: “although (Paul) Ryan will not be a VP candidate this year, he will be in the future the Speaker of the House or Majority Leader if the Republicans regain majority of the House and the Senate.”  Earlier this year, Novak talked on Meet the Press about Congressman Ryan being a Vice Presidential Candidate, but said the Ryan is “Very Presidential.”

Also, I was encouraged by the proposals that Texans are doing to empower their citizens to take back their government, and these ideas will be brought back to the Badger State so we can defeat the liberal war of ideas.  Texas has new proposals to reform property taxes and government transparency and the North Shore Exponent will bring these proposals to the forefront.

Also I was interviewed by KXAN, the local NBC affiliate about this event.

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