Wrap-Up from RightOnline Summit in Austin, TX (Part I)-Top Weekend Statements

I just got back from Texas, and yes with nearby Netroots thinking they can run the show, RightOnline helped started a new building block in the conservative movement, an online presence.  

Here is what I felt were some key statements being said by speakers in the last two days of the summit.

“In the last Ten Presidential Elections when Democrats had the lead in the polls going into July, the Democrats went on and only won three out of those ten…This is proof that the (Presidential) Election is not over.”-John Fund of the Wall Street Journal on Current Polling of the Presidential Race

“As more countries around Europe including Ireland are going to a flat tax, we are the only nation in the World proposing a tax increase.  This is why we cannot support an Obama tax proposal in which the top tax rate would be raised to 52 percent.”-Steven Moore of the Wall Street Journal on the Dangers of Democrat Tax Proposals

“What Al Gore does not want you to know (on global warming) is destructive to our nation’s economy.  Under the more recent Liberman-Warner Climate Security Bill according to independent studies by the Congressional Budget Office our nation could lose over 1.2 million jobs…These are not Heritage’s, Cato’s, or other right wing groups numbers, this is the real cost of global warming alarmisim.”-Tim Phillips-Americans for Prosperity National President on global warming after Al Gore presented a speech on Global Warming in Washington, DC last Thursday

“For too long we have allowed the left to win the battle online, now we must organize online to win”-GOPAC Chairman and Former Lt. Governor of Maryland Michael Steele on why the Right must build a big online presence to win

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