Wrap-Up from RightOnline Summit in Austin, TX (Part II)-Top Weekend Highlights

As I returned back from Texas, I really feel good that I have brought back to the right wing blogging community in Wisconsin the tools to organize to win the battle against the Left and organizations like One Wisconsin Now, Citizen Action in which are trying to win the battle on the right and destroy the moral fabric Wisconsin is built on.

Friday Night’s Dinner with Bob Novak and Barry Goldwater Jr. was a blast.  I really was honored to ask Mr. Novak a question on the future of our beloved Congressman Paul Ryan as Novak projected he could be the next Speaker of the House or Majority Leader if the GOP regains control of the House again.

During Saturday’s General Session there were some awesome speakers.  John Fund and Steve Moore gave an excellent insight for the people in attendance of what is at stake.  Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform provided an excellent speech on why the Center Right will win in the future, and I got a copy of his new book Leave Us Alone autographed by Grover himself.  One speaker that stood out was the Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams who is one of the nation’s biggest crusaders against global warming alarmisim.  Williams provided an very inspirational speech that uplifted the crowd in Austin and got people fired up about being in Austin for this important event.  Also, Michelle Malkin was our lunch keynote speaker and talked about the why the Right must organize online.   Malkin came to Madison in April to speak at the Wisconsin College Republicans State Convention in front of a large, divided crowd as Malkin was faced with hostilities from left wing attendees as this happened amid a case where a UW-Madison student was facing deportation that made national news. 

The first day was breakout sessions about blogging.  I encourage you to check out NewsBusters at http://www.newsbusters.org.  They have a funny conservative TV show called NewsBusted.  Those are some new blogs we never heard about.  On the second day, I learned about new solutions in Texas in which Wisconsin needs to stay competitive.  First, Texas wants to eliminate market value appraisal for property taxes.  The Texas plan will work better for Wisconsin, because it would only go by the last selling value and it eliminates unnecessary property assessments resulting in less government.  Second, is Wisconsin needs Government Transparency.  The Democrats in the Wisconsin State Senate are standing in the way towards real government reform.  Texas is about to have transparency and it should be a priority of the next state legislature to pass a comprehensive government transparency bill and join other states like Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma that are finally showing sunshine on wasteful spending to the people of Wisconsin.  

This was worth the long flight to come to Texas and also the North Shore Exponent welcomes to our blogroll blogs such as Wichita Liberty, NewsBusters, and many more we met as we expand the online network of the right online to win for the future.

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