Lance Smith Needs To Be Run Out of Madison For Good

Just recently The Capital Times  and the Wisconsin State Journal reported that Wisconsin Badger Running Back Lance Smith is suspended indefinetly for violating terms of the first offender’s program in Dane County from an assualt conviction last summer.

This is a rare post for the Exponent to comment on a issue like this, but being a alumni of the University of Wisconsin I hope Lance Smith is on his way out if he is found to be really violating terms of the first offenders program.  People in Wisconsin are proud of the Wisconsin Badgers and its sports especially the football team, but when Lance Smith is really gonna blow an oppurtunity to go to a major, power football program and do something like beat up his girlfriend over a taxicab fare, it is pure stupidity, and being more of an idiot on Lance Smith’s part to not uphold his part in keeping himself out of trouble, then this is something that warrants the Wisconsin Athletic Department booting out Lance Smith. 

Bret Bielema has already made an example Booker Stanley when he got convicted on sexual assualt charges, and hopefully Badger Fans can trust Bielema to do the right thing, send a message and boot Lance Smith out of Madison.  Fans in Wisconsin including me cannot afford to see Lance Smith put a stain on Wisconsin Football tradition due to pure stupidity on his part that does not give Wisconsin a good image.  Yes there are some idiots on the Journal Sentinel  Blog Message Boards who will say that they hate to see their taxpayer dollars get wasted like people like Lance Smith, but my honest opinon is as a journalist is that college sports is part of a total university experience and the University hardly gets any taxpayer dollars from the State only for sports like volleyball and wrestling.  Football gets zero from the taxpayers, only to be funded by continual private donations.  All I say to somebody before they make their two cent judgement is get the facts on the case, and understand that only non-revenue sports get money from the taxpayers, and the next time you say a badger who gets arrested in a bar fight wastes your taxpayer dollars, understand how the State Budget works.  But all in all regardless of taxpayer dollars, I hope Bret Bielema boots Lance Smith out of Madison.

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