Are Progressive Voter Registration Drives Contributing to the Problem of Voting Fraud in Wisconsin?

An Community Voters Project Canvasser (left) talks to a prospective voter to register.

An Community Voters Project Canvasser (left) talks to a prospective voter to register.

Today when I was out getting some Starbucks in Downtown Milwaukee I saw there are people lined up in the bus stops and in the Milwaukee County Transit System buses getting people to register to vote. 

The North Shore Exponent talked to a canvasser who wish not be identified and said they are just out to register more voters, but the North Shore Exponent did some research on the Community Voters Project the organization that is putting out these people to register more voters.

What you may not know that these people that work to get you to register to vote are funded heavily by progressive left wing donors and issue front groups such as Work for Progress.  Work for Progress receives funding from the US and State PIRG’s from what their website calls an intensive, multi-state non-partisan campaign to register hundreds of thousands of minority voters in communities across the nation.   Their website discloses they are working close with the US PIRG’s and from past experience that the PIRG’s recieve their money from a lot of left wing issue front groups and donors to keep them well-funded.  When I was at Madison Area Technical College, the PIRG’s canvassed heavily in 2004 to get new voters in hopes they could get enough young voters to trend left.

The question we must ask is are these progressive voter registration drives really contributing to problem of voting fraud in Milwaukee and in Wisconsin.  I already registered to vote through one of these people and what I did was simply fill out the application and gave it back to the person.  All they do is run on an honor system making sure the address you fill is your current address.  These people send your application to your local City Clerk’s office and you would get a confirmation via a postcard.  These people have goals to meet to keep their jobs, but are they really doing it at the process of fracturing our electoral system in America?

Milwaukee and Wisconsin have had problems with its elections, and if the Community Voters Project is going to allow to register voters on the honor system we may continue to still have the same problems as some of the applications could turn into provisional ballots that could harm the integrity of our elections.  If Wisconsin is serious about cleaning up elections, we should attack this problem on two fronts one make sure there is photo ID at the polls and also make sure these front groups that try to get you to register vote are really doing their part in preventing problems at the polls to make sure that people that should not be voting like convicted felons are not registering to vote.  It is great we are getting more people to vote, but we must protect the integrity of our voting system to stop the problems Milwaukee is facing.

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