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Charter Communications and Big Ten Network Strike A Deal

Our post yesterday got results pressuring Charter to get a deal for the fans of Wisconsin football to get the Big Ten Network on basic cable as Charter serves two-thirds of Wisconsin’s major cable suscribers.  One thing is you have … Continue reading

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A Key GOP Voting Demographic to Win in 2008: The Sam’s Club/Costco/Target/Aldi Republican

Last week, I was honored to be part of a conference call with GOPAC that featured Minnesota Governor and possible McCain running mate Tim Pawlenty.  During this conference call, I learned of this vital demographic the GOP needs to capitalize … Continue reading

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Time Warner Cable Reaches A Deal With The Big Ten Network, Charter Still Does Not Get The Picture and Needs to get its act together

As a proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison this year, I am very happy that people like me in Milwaukee will now get the Big Ten Network on Time Warner Cable.  Last year, I lobbied on this issue on … Continue reading

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Analyzing the Democrat Convention: Day 1-Not a Lot Traction Gained by the DNC or Damage Done

Tonight is night one of the Democrat Convention in Denver and I was watching the action close on TV tonight, and here is our assessment of Night 1 of the DNC in Denver: First things first, despite Senator Ted Kennedy … Continue reading

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This Week: What The Exponent Revealed on Obama in Chicago

I have came back from Chicago, and we are ready this week as the DNC is going in full force in Denver, The North Shore Exponent looked at Obama’s neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago, and this week we … Continue reading

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What Scott Walker Should Do With the Money from Airport Privitzation, The Exponent’s Plan to Improve Transit in Southeast Wisconsin

The North Shore Exponent approves of Scott Walker’s plan of improving transit in Milwaukee by privitatizing Mitchell Airport and how much revenue it will bring to fix a transit system in Milwaukee County without raising taxes.  Here is a plan … Continue reading

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The Nevada Judge Halverson Case Does Put a Ding the Nevada Taxpayer’s Wallet

WIth all the circus happening in Nevada in a very compelling case of judicial misconduct aganist Judge Elizabeth Halverson, this case is making Nevada taxpayers angry as this case is making national attention.  Why does this make Nevada Taxpayers angry: … Continue reading

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