When the Public Sector Grows More than the Private Sector, Economic Troubles Do Really Happen

Just Today, USA Today reported that the majority of the job growth that is happening in our country is happening in the private sector.    This is happening because State and Local Governments in our nation including Wisconsin are seeing government spending risen over revenue.  7.5 percent increase over last year over 2.5 percent in revenue gain.

If this statistic should be shocking to anyone, then this is time Wisconsin needs to revive soon along many other states having a constitutional limit on how much the government can spend every year, and putting the people back in charge to decide if the Government is asking too much for money.  Thanks to Governor Doyle Wisconsin has had more road construction including the Marquette Interchange and a possible Zoo Interchange in Milwaukee, the expansion of BadgerCarePlus, and smaller class sizes only at the expense of the taxpayers.  As bureaucracy increases the ability of the private sector to create jobs decreases.  Still, California’s legislature cannot get its act together now many government jobs have to be cut in order to get its budget back on track.  Maybe this is a lesson we can all learn from so when it comes down to a more uglier budget battle awaiting in 2009, citizens can finally put the heat on their elected officials and say enough, is enough.

AFSCME and the many other government employee unions hate a proposal like the taxpayer protection amendment because they do not like citizens like us tell them what to do.  When AFSCME wanted bigger taxes last year to do their jobs during the budget battle, that’s all they cared about having more of your hard earned dollars be taken so they can stay employed.  As we see more money get wasted to pay for prison guards and bus drivers get excessive overtime that allows them to earn six figure, bloated salaries students are being hit with higher tuition and taxes are the subject of debate everywhere.  This proves one thing, the economy is failing because our government is overweight, spends too much, and needs to finally be put on an Subway diet to prosperity.

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