A Nevada Judge Tried for Misconduct This Week Basically Puts Annette Ziegler to Shame

Today, I ran across CourtTV and for the first time they broadcasted a judicial discipline hearing in Nevada.  This case has got national attention on Nevada Circuit Court Judge Elizabeth Halverson.  You think Annette Ziegler committed something bad with the West Bend Savings Bank fisaco, basically the 14 counts of serious judicial misconduct against Halverson put Zielger’s fiasco to shame.  Just today, the former bailiff had to give an emotional testimony in front of a seven member commission comprising of laywers, judges, and normal citizens.  You would not believe these accusations, only if you had the audactity to see it happen on Saturday Night Live.

  • Forces her husband to take an oath in the courtroom to make sure her husband does her chores.
  • Asks the baliff to rub her feet, take her shoes on and off, and massages her neck.
  • Falls Asleep During a criminal trial.
  • Talks to the jury outside of the courtroom, a big no no.
  • Basically, makes the baliff her servant.

After you look at this link you can agree that what this judge done in Vegas warrants her removal from the bench.  The Ziegler fiasco is basically nothing compared to what this Nevada judge is going to get what she deserves.  Luckily, Nevada elects judges or if it was not for elections, judges would be picked over a hand of black jack or on the craps table.


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