Green Bay Packers Are in a PR Crisis Over Brett Favre

As tonight, Head Coach Mike McCarthy had a press conference about Brett Favre and tonight from the attitude and demeanor of Head Coach Mike McCarthy it shows that the Packers are in a public relations crisis.  If Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson cannot be honest and up front with the media over Brett Favre and dodge many questions it shows that the Green Bay Packers have treated its greatest player ever with serious disrespect.

During the mid 1980’s when I was three years old when I lived in Colorado, I was emotionally attached to John Elway and Elway is considered one of my favorite athletes.  When Elway retired in 1999, Mr. Pat Bowlen the owner of the Denver Broncos let Elway retire on his own terms and with dignity and respect.  Bowlen has done that too with many great Broncos like Terell Davis, Rod Smith, and Gary Zimmerman who was just inducted into the Hall of Fame this past weekend.  Brett Favre can be considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but it shows from the attitude of Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson that the Packers are creating a major public relations crisis with its fan base by not being honest about the Brett Favre.  Truly, because Mike McCarthy does not want to answer the tough questions show there is a vendetta between Thompson and Favre, but we will know the real answer when the Packers could be below .500 at mid-season and another thought of 10 more losing seasons of Packers football could await.

Honestly, I have been more of a Broncos fan all my life because the Broncos have always made great decisions as management, only had four losing seasons in the past 31 years and that is amazing in the NFL, and always played aggressive football without making excuses or empty promises like the Packers have been.  The Packers in the last thirty-one years had nine losing seasons, 7 .500 seasons, and had only had fifteen winning seasons above .500  in the last thirty-one years.  This has been attributive to horrible management,  bad draft picks, poor PR, and only beneficial of Brett Favre that the Packers have enjoyed this run of great success.   Tonight, every Packers fan had a chance to know what the real anwser is on Brett Favre because of Thompson’s and McCarthy’s inablity to anwser the tough questions, Brett Favre was forced to retire by Thompson for Aaron Rodgers.  All I say, is may the Brett Favre sweepstakes begin and may the best team win. 

Today’s press conference will prove that the Packers have created a massive public relations crisis and have caused irreparable damage that could last forever between Packers fans and Packers management.  Still, I am a Broncos fan, and will root hard for whatever NFL team Taylor Mehlhaff my friend from the Badgers football team will play next on.

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4 Responses to Green Bay Packers Are in a PR Crisis Over Brett Favre

  1. Sue Massey says:

    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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  3. Great post and a really interesting blog as well.
    I agree that there is much more to the Thompson vs. Favre aspect. McCarthy is going to lose this team and Green Bay will end up paying for squandering a season to prove a point. Not good business in my opinion.

  4. AJ Enno says:

    Actually it turned out to be a very good decison. Aaron Rodgers is one of the games top QB’s now. “10 more losing seasons” I doubt it they won the Super Bowl; something Favre failed to in his later years.

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