Wednesday’s AP Report Confirms That Progressive Voter Registration Drives Do Contribute to Voting Fraud in Wisconsin

A report just came out from the Duluth News-Tribune awnsered a question the North Shore Exponent brought up on voting fraud in the Greater Milwaukee Area and in Wisconsin. 

Workers registering Milwaukee voters for  liberal groups turned in hundreds of fabricated forms and many more that were incomplete, raising and confirming fears among Wisconsin Republican Party leaders of fraud at the polls.  As many forms turned out fabricated, it resulted in the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now firing six canvassers and could be possibly facing criminal charges in Milwaukee County.

This news report proves that there is no accountability by organizations like WISPIRG and ACORN who run these drives that they can prevent voter fraud.  These people do not check for ID, and because of what happened these organizations are now having to take drastic measures to prevent something like this happening again. 

ACORN’s 2004 voter registration drive in Wisconsin was marred by sloppy and fraudulent work, in part because the group paid canvassers on a per-voter basis. Lawmakers banned that practice in 2006.

To avoid similar problems this year, ACORN paid workers by the hour and employees reviewed forms turned in by canvassers before submitting them to the commission.  The Wisconsin State Director for ACORN said to the AP that 96 percent of the forms turned out to be legitimate.

“If there was any suspicion of either fraudulent activity or just really sloppy work, we terminated them, and we informed the elections commission,” Carolyn Castore-WI ACORN State Director said. “We were catching it.”

Representatives from ACORN told the AP that the group uncovered most of the problems. Between 1,500 and 2,000 of the registration forms submitted were incomplete while “maybe a couple hundred” were clearly fabricated.

In the AP Report from the Duluth News Tribune, Mark Jefferson-Wisconsin GOP Executive Director said: “I’m glad it was caught in this case. But it was probably the tip of the iceberg.”

What I hope this serves to liberal groups who believe that their claims that voting fraud is a myth that this is a wake up call to know they cannot dodge from the truth that organizations that are funded by George Soros are being the big contributors to voting fraud in Wisconsin.  The liberal organizations in Milwaukee that hosted a event two weeks ago indoctrinate citizens that voting fraud is a myth and contributes to voter suppression should know that they cannot get away with it no more.  The Milwaukee Police have said that the only way to end this problem is to end same day registration and have photo ID, the Republicans agree too, but it is time that the Democrats, the George Soros funded groups, and politicians like Spencer Coggs who rudely interrupted a press conference held by Republicans at the Wisconsin State Capitol in April should face the truth that voting fraud is a problem and stop having events to indoctrinate Wisconsin citizens saying that this could lead to voting supression.


Link to Duluth News-Tribune Report:

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