GO TEAM USA!!! The Olympics Are Here!

The Olympics in Beijing is in full swing and this is a great time to root for the red, white, and blue.  The last two days since the very colorful opening ceremony, we have seen some excellent action.  From swimming to wrestling the next seventeen days will be action packed. 

Tonight, I was watching the highly hyped swimming events and the way Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines of NBC Olympics brought their enthuisiasim to the pool made you feel you had a seat close to the pool as tonight the American swimmers had a good night on the medal stand.  I swore after the US in the men’s 4X100 relay race won it after Rowdy Gaines doubted the anchor leg swimmer who is training Gaines lost his voice after the US won the race.

The North Shore Exponent salutes olympian Garrett Weber-Gale from Glendale, WI a fellow Wisconsinite who gave the United States in Swimming a big win tonight in tonight’s 4X100 meter freestyle relay as it helped continue Michael Phelps challenge for eight gold medals.  Wisconsin has have an excellent history of excellent olympians who have represented the Badger State well.  Garrett swam one of the best relay races in olympic history after the French relay team said “We are going to crush the Americans” in a French tabolid the night before the race.  Garrett Weber-Gale’s gold medal has extended the Wisconsin tradition of excellent olympians winning gold. 

Also, we hope people view the olympics as how we can improve our standing outside of sport around the world.  International sporting events like the Olympics and World Cup Soccer help nations improve relations to certian degrees and we hope the next President of the United States will use sport to help improve beyond the swimming pool or the wrestling mat, but to improve how we relate to the world.

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One Response to GO TEAM USA!!! The Olympics Are Here!

  1. Mark Hauser says:

    While most sports commentators and fans have called Tiger Woods (and before this year, Roger Federer), it appears they have overlooked Michael Phelps. Certainly a good argument could be made that Phelps, and not Tiger or Federer, has been the most dominate athlete in the world over the last 5 years. Why punish him because he competes in a sport than only gets any real publicity every 4 years?

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