What Is Worse Gymnastics Judges Gone Bad or Louie Butler’s legislating from the Bench

As I have been enjoying the olympics, I cannot stand the horrible judging which has been a travesty and a sham in gymnastics.  This new two-stage judging system is worse then taking away the rights of Wisconsin Citizens voting for supreme court justices and putting it in the hands of a commission.

Nastia Lukin tonight got royally screwed over tonight and Shawn Johnson has been screwed over too.  Lukin got screwed over on this complicated tie-breaker system.  This has made me very angry that a sport people look forward watching towards in the olympics are seeing America’s top hopefuls that should be winning gold get screwed over by a cartel of judges who are acting not impartial and un-american.  These judges are nothing but what Marquette University law professor Rick Eisenberg talks about judges gone bad, an imperial and agnostic judiciary.

Maybe this is an example if we allowed Louie Butler back on the bench on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, however we can be thankful for Mike Gableman who will not legislate from the bench.  This year’s gymnastics judges could be a preview of what Obama may pick for US Supreme Court justices.  These judges in olympic gymnastics sure legislate from the bench and are activist judges.

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