What Scott Walker Should Do With the Money from Airport Privitzation, The Exponent’s Plan to Improve Transit in Southeast Wisconsin

The North Shore Exponent approves of Scott Walker’s plan of improving transit in Milwaukee by privitatizing Mitchell Airport and how much revenue it will bring to fix a transit system in Milwaukee County without raising taxes.  Here is a plan from the North Shore Exponent in which we encourage County Executive Scott Walker to do to improve Milwaukee County Transit.

  1. We Approve Scott Walker’s plan of having a bus-rail hybrid called Bus Rapid Transit.  We encourage Walker to use the money from the priviatization deal and guranteed federal income for MCTS to create three or four routes that does not touch Milwaukee County, but touch the four county metro area of Milwaukee well.  The North Shore Exponent believes there should be a line that runs up to Germantown, a line from the lakefront to Waukesha County, a line from the South Shore to Racine, and a line up the North Shore Cooridor.  What makes a bus-rapid transit system different is, it runs in a special bus-only  lane, and it works like you go on the subway in Chicago or DC, you pay ahead, and you just hop on.  When I was on vacation in Las Vegas I rode their Bus Rapid Transit line and it was good.  A cost-effective alternative to light rail.
  2. Improve the current bus fleet and get new busses.  I really think MCTS needs to fix its current fleet, and get some new busses.  Madison has six hybrid busses in its fleet, and I think Milwaukee could use some new hybrid and regular busses to replace an aging fleet.
  3. Improve and modernize bus stops.  One thing is have machines in which you can insert a dollar bill or credit card and you can get your bus pass or tickets.  Milwaukee should have that like many other big cities that have machines you can buy your bus pass ahead of time.  Also, there should be modernization of bus stops, even on some heavily trafficked sections of Milwaukee a chance to put electronic information where the next bus would be coming.
  4. If we want to innovate, we need to keep the salaries of overpaid transit managers and unneccessary overtime in check.  Today’s TMJ 4 in Milwaukee has exposed the wastes of MCTS manager’s pay and overtime and we need to keep taxpayer dollars in check.
  5. After bus rapid transit and improving the core of MCTS, then we can think if we need a light rail line from Waukesha to Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee as long its cost effective, then do it.  We do not need taxpayer funded lobbying abuses if we want light rail.  This is a problem in Chicago and with the Southeast Wisconsin RTA.
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