A Key GOP Voting Demographic to Win in 2008: The Sam’s Club/Costco/Target/Aldi Republican

Last week, I was honored to be part of a conference call with GOPAC that featured Minnesota Governor and possible McCain running mate Tim Pawlenty.  During this conference call, I learned of this vital demographic the GOP needs to capitalize on in this election known as the Sam’s Club or also I call a Costco or Target or Aldi Republican.

What are “Sam’s Club” voters?

Governor Pawlenty stated: “People deserve, and expect, a more effective government at a better price. Sam’s Club voters are looking for more value on the dollar and are results oriented…”
“What the Republican Party needs, is to do a better job of reaching out to different groups than just our traditional groups; one of those is folks who might shop at places like Sam’s Club, Target or Costco. They’re looking for value. They don’t necessarily have more money to spend, but they want to make sure they get good value for what they have…”
“It’s a basic American premise that we must live within our means. Most Americans have a limited budget and are alwayslooking for more value on their dollar. Whether it is managing a business, holding a family budget or planning for the future, everyday people have limited budgets. Just like businesses and just like families do, government must live within its means. The Republican Party should be the party that promotes this basic concept and pushes for more value on the dollar and a government that lives within its means and is accountable…”

“The Sam’s Club metaphor is part of an effort to shed the GOP stereotype that it’s not for “the working person,” because we are, and this will help our party emphasize that Republicans are the party that can provide voters more value for their money.”

This is the type of voter that will be at stake for both parties this year, and this is a critical demographic the Wisconsin GOP must capitalize on to make Wisconsin Red for the first time since 1984.

Read more of Tim Pawlenty’s take at http://www.gopac.org/issues/detals.asxp?id=20

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