Analyzing the Democrat Convention: Day 1-Not a Lot Traction Gained by the DNC or Damage Done

Tonight is night one of the Democrat Convention in Denver and I was watching the action close on TV tonight, and here is our assessment of Night 1 of the DNC in Denver:

  • First things first, despite Senator Ted Kennedy is a Democrat props goes to the Senator for making a strong showing, although it does not look promising for the Senator and the last of the Kennedy family.
  • Second, not a lot to be gained on Michelle Obama’s speech.  Honestly, Michelle Obama if she wanted to kickstart the momentum for the Dems could come out better, but basically a lot of reporters on all the networks covering the convention said that the Obama camp did not score any points tonight.
  • Third, Nancy Pelosi spoke and chanted “John McCain is Wrong.”  Basically, if she does not get her Democrat colleauges back to Congress to vote for offshore drilling, it will make her promises of a
  • Fourth, the second day will be critical if the Dems want to be serious.  Right now, the only campaign that is scoring points is John McCain’s.  We will see by each passing day that Joe Biden was a bad pick for Barack Obama that makes Obama look worse than Michael Dukakis when Dukakis went off message of his campaign to select Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen, only famous for slamming Dan Quayle in the 1988 Vice Presidential Debate.  I will guarantee you when it comes to the debates, Obama will have a serious gaffe over the infantcide bill he flip flopped a vote on in the Illinois Senate just like Dukakis gaffed on the famous question CNN’s Bernard Shaw said: “If Kitty Dukakis were raped or murdered would you support the Death Penalty?”

Tomorrow, Governor Jim Doyle will speak, but to be very honest, Jim Doyle will speak like he is Ron Popeil trying to tout Obama.  But lastly, the three or four issues why Obama is not gaining ground is on offshore drilling, Russia-Georgia, the IL Infantcide Bill, and also knowing that Tony Rezko is going to face sentencing soon.

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