Time Warner Cable Reaches A Deal With The Big Ten Network, Charter Still Does Not Get The Picture and Needs to get its act together

As a proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison this year, I am very happy that people like me in Milwaukee will now get the Big Ten Network on Time Warner Cable.  Last year, I lobbied on this issue on a pro bono basis to fight for students at UW-Madison.  This was part motoviated by a friend of mine Maya Carroll a former UW volleyball player who interned for the BTN last year who became frustrated with the state of affairs at that time.  I am very happy that I am starting to see that the hard-pressing I put on the Wisconsin State Legislature and big cable to do something is coming to fruition.  

Still, friends of mine in Madison who go to the UW will still not get the Big Ten Network, you only get it on campus at the Unions or you live in the university owned dorms in Madison.  If you live in Madison, I encourage you to call Charter to get its act together on the Big Ten Network.  If Comcast, Time Warner, and many other providers can agree to a deal, why not Charter?   Basically, I have heard from friend after friend of mine of the horrible customer service record about Charter, and Charter is Wisconsin’s largest cable provider serving at least two-thirds of Wisconsin.  If it was not for in part the cable competition bill backed by AT&T, this deal would not happen today.  Basically, the cable competition bill has forced cable providers like Time Warner to lower its rates and improve its offerings.  Like I said earlier, if you live in Madison, call Charter today and tell them to get their act together on the Big Ten Network.

Contact Information for Charter Communications-Wisconsin and Corporate:

Lisa Washa-Vice President and General Manager-Charter Communications-WI

2801 Daniels Road

Madison, WI 53711

608.826.1300 or 1.888.438.2427

Charter Communications-National HQ

Neil Smit CEO and John Miller-Chief Communications Director

12405 Powerscourt Dr.

St. Louis, MO 63131


http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=787191 Link to this mornings JS Online Report Breaking it Out

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