Charter Communications and Big Ten Network Strike A Deal

Our post yesterday got results pressuring Charter to get a deal for the fans of Wisconsin football to get the Big Ten Network on basic cable as Charter serves two-thirds of Wisconsin’s major cable suscribers.  One thing is you have to give your hat off to Mark Silverman, President of the Big Ten Network for sticking to his guns by striking an agreement in a true, free market fashion without government arbitration.   Literally, Silverman has done a better job navaigating towards getting his network on cable then the NFL Network trying to naviagate through state legislatures to pass arbitration laws.  If it was not for the Wisconsin cable competition law being passed last year and signed into law, Badger fans across Badger nation would not be able to get the BTN in their homes and it would of not forced big cable to negoaitie.  This is the reason of what the law designed for is to force both sides to come to the table with incentive.

This year fans in their homes can see the Badgers in football, wrestling, ice hockey, and basketball without having to worry about if they cant see the game and having to go to the nearby tavern or their favorite eating establishment to watch the game.  Basically, Charter had to strike a deal after Time Warner signed a deal or they were basically risking the reputation on the line not to sign.  Last year when I was Wisconsin State Leader of Students for Prosperity, I fought tirelessly lobbying the legislature to pass legislation that would allow the Big Ten Network to get on basic cable, and this week I am very happy to see my hard work last year pay off big this year.

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