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A Time To Celebrate-Brewers Are in the Playoffs

  I was not even born yet in 1982 when the Brewers made the playoffs, I was born in May of 1983 before Harvey Kuenn became manager of the Brewers and took the Brewers to the World Series.  I am … Continue reading

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Debate One: McCain Wins Barely 10-7

On Friday Night, despite the debate was very ugly as I flipped back in forth between the debate and the Brewers game, I declare John McCain the winner by an eyelash.  The final score I say is John McCain 10 … Continue reading

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On the Economic Bailout

With all the changes that are happening in the economy and in the bailout, the Exponent has been careful to not gauge too early of opinion as there have been many changes.  First, I am free market and I was … Continue reading

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New McCain Ad on Obama’s Ties to Chicago

If you need to know anything more on Obama and his ties to Illinois, look further to the political machine of Chicago.

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Get Beyond the Spin: JB is doing the Right Thing to take on Elections Fraud

“I promised that I would work to restore integrity to this office and state government. While I regret having to take this action, it is nevertheless necessary and appropriate in order to compel the Board to bring Wisconsin’s voter registration list into compliance with the law and ensure the integrity of the electoral process in Wisconsin…

Voting is the most fundamental of rights. But when unlawful votes are cast and counted, the power of a lawful vote is diminished. Congress and the State Legislature, through HAVA and the state law that requires its implementation, have sought to reduce the likelihood that unlawful votes are cast and counted. The law is not an option that can be ignored. No effort is too great to protect our most fundamental political freedom. ” Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen on filing a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Government Accountablity Board to bring Wisconsin into complaince with the Help America Vote Act. Continue reading

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NBC News Is the Polar Opposite of FOX News, I have a suggestion for their execs change your logo to the 1970’s flaming peacock to signfy how liberal NBC is

This is the logo NBC should switch back to to signfy how very liberal NBC News is with all the unwarranted media bias towards Governor Palin.  NBC News is the culprit of the liberal media attack bias towards Governor Sarah … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Family Action Launches Radio Ad Campaign Targeting a Stealth Gay/Lesbian Conduit towards Wisconsin Democrats Running for State Assembly

Today, Julianne Appling has launched a radio campaign targeted towards Appleton, Eau Claire, and outlying LaCrosse on Democrat State Represenatives running for the State Assembly that are recieving large sums of special interest money from out of state donors that … Continue reading

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