What the North Shore Exponent Revealed in Chicago

Two weeks ago the Exponent traveled down to Chicago to see Barack Obama’s neighborhood, but when we came to Chicago we saw more reality as I rode down the green and red line trains that take you from Union Station to the Southside of Chicago.

1. Obama’s house in Chicago is an exception to the South Side of Chicago that looks more run down than the South side of Milwaukee.  His neighborhood puts Milwaukee’s Bay View Neighborhood to shame on how much its an exception on a run down South Side in which does not have the economic pillars of a steel plant or something manufacturing related that would keep people in work and out of poverty.

2. Obama’s house is large, but we can ask is how much does his house in Kenwood/Hyde Park emits for energy while he doesnt realize that his global warming policies could basically make paying the power bill see impossible for many of the people he used to rally as a community organizer in the South Side of Chicago.

What we saw in Chicago was basically a message of change versus the results of Obama’s change in which high taxes and political corruption and gridlock could of have shipped out those jobs in the steel plants that moved out of Chicago, now with a guy like Joe Biden who is putting Obama’s campaign off-message, we will see later this year in the debates how Obama can compensate versus the reality his change is full of hot air.

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