Sarah Palin Tells CNN and the Liberal Media Where to Stick It, What a Speech Last Night in MSP

Sarah Palin put me, and a lot of people on the edge of their seats last night as a lot of people saw the real person and the real character of what this hockey mom and normal person is made of.

First, I want to say shame on you CNN and also the Washington Post and MSNBC for your unprofessional, dedgradative brand of journalism towards Governor Palin and her family.  Campbell Brown took CNN to a new low on Monday by getting into some verbal barbs if whether Sarah Palin is ready to lead and the same goes to Dana Bash who has the attitude that she does not want a Republican woman Vice President.  I personally met CNN’s Dana Bash when I was in Duboque, Iowa last year to meet Fred Thompson and she fits what the mold of a CNN reporter is, arrogant, rude, and unprofessional.  First, Bash asked me where I was from, and I said I came from Wisconsin for the event, and she rudely said: “I can’t interview you because you are not from Iowa.”  Another friend of mine who was down in Iowa met AC 360 himself, Anderson Cooper and thought Anderson Cooper is very arrogrant. 

But back to the speech, Governor Palin stayed on message the entire speech and she hit a home run with lines saying, “being a small town mayor is like being a community organizer, except you have real responsiblity.”  Palin raised the roof like her old basketball playing days at the Xcel Energy Center with a speech for the ages.  Personally as a Republican, I am energized and excited there is a history making ticket that has a person like Sarah Palin who relates to all of us who have ups and downs.  Tomorrow, I am excited that I am going to Cedarburg, WI north of Milwaukee to see her and Senator John McCain. 

The left’s response last night was atroicous that they were basically eating off the same cookie cutter press release the Obama camp gave them.  Some of those people are eating off these press releases because they are afraid of Governor Palin.  My cousin who lives up in Beaver Dam told me, “get a woman in there on the presidential ticket and she will get stuff done.”  Well, the Democrats are scared that when Sarah Palin becomes Vice President she will get more stuff done. 

Personally, I say bring on the Vice Presidential Debate, and use any sports analogy you want, a hard-slap shot in honor of the hockey mom Sarah Palin, or a bump-set-spike in volleyball, we will see Sarah Palin make an example out of Joe Biden and his out of touch politics with the average American, and basically I hope Sarah Palin does something in reverse like Lloyd Bentsen did in 1988, but only GOP style on Biden.

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7 Responses to Sarah Palin Tells CNN and the Liberal Media Where to Stick It, What a Speech Last Night in MSP

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  3. EB says:

    The media have been the same towards democratic former candidate Senator Edwards and his family about their personal issues. And McCain HAS been very clear about the importance of experience and readiness to be Commander in Chief being absolutely paramount, which obviously is going to become a focus when he (especially at his advanced age and history of health problems) picks someone with limited experience and no real evidence of readiness to be Commander in Chief.

  4. OeilSevere says:

    Sarah says : “Thank you Hillary !!! The right-wing boys would have never considered my lipstick-clad, gun-totin’, angry, backwards, creationist, pitbull ass if you hadn’t tried, you and your ovaries”.

  5. OeilSevere says:

    But it ain’t gonna work ; although many of you are slow by birth and nationality, women who were Hillary partisans are not gonna simply jump on the small-town hockey robot pentecostal bandwagon just because the pitbull has ovaries instead of testicles. In fact, the choice of the pitbull for a running mate was probably the most sexist strategy from McCain’s advisors. But I’m sure the dumb-ass gun-totin’ mamas who don’t read will just never see through that and vote GOP anyway. Your country is sooo doomed. And so is mine, as soon as you all go to the shits (which is imminent, unfortunately for all of US — the rest of the Western world). My grandkids will have to speak Mandarin. GEEZ I hate cowboys !!!!!!

  6. Good post.

    I like Sarah Palin.
    I liked Mother Teresa, too, but that doesn’t mean she should be Vice President
    Palin is already under investigation for abuse of power.
    That’s even BEFORE she takes office!
    Gotta hand it to the GOP for pure audacity!

    These are the folks who rape the environment and call it the Healthy Forests Initiative.
    They rain death from the sky and call it a Patriot Missile
    Now they put up Bush in a bra and call her a maverick.
    Wow, what hutzpah!

  7. Edward C says:

    I see her as much more honest and intelligent than Obama. Obama is just a salesman for the now completely corrupt democrats. I understand that Obamatons believe everything you hear on CNN or The View. When the media decides they don’t like someone they have a great deal of power to convince the public. They can make it very unpopular to like someone or something. Don’t just take my word. Wait until they report on something you really know allot about. You will then see all of their mistakes and bias.

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