What an Absurd Attack by the Dems on John Gard Opposing the Farm Bill

Last week, the Dr. Kagen spin machine put out a very biased attack press release that basically misses the point on why John Gard opposes the farm bill and attacking him for calling the bill “silly spending”. 

Basically, what the Dems fail to admit is that they attacked a candidate who opposed a farm bill loaded full of pork.  Basically, the bill did nothing to help farmers in Wisconsin only subsidizing large mega farms full of corn subsidies making America fat thanks to Congress who votes for this taxpayer wasting action.

If Ron Kind voted against the farm bill, why not Mr. Chair Joe Wienke to rip your Congressman Ron Kind who voted against it while, Kohl, Obey, Feingold, Baldwin, Kagen, and Moore voted for this bill that basically makes our food inflation situation go worse.  The Wisconsin State Journal in June ripped on all of those who voted for the farm bill.   Gard and Kind represent Farmers, the rest of the dems only represent the wealthy megafarms who are basically trying to do anything to keep Kagen in office.


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