Wisconsin Family Action Launches Radio Ad Campaign Targeting a Stealth Gay/Lesbian Conduit towards Wisconsin Democrats Running for State Assembly

Today, Julianne Appling has launched a radio campaign targeted towards Appleton, Eau Claire, and outlying LaCrosse on Democrat State Represenatives running for the State Assembly that are recieving large sums of special interest money from out of state donors that are part of an gay and lesbian agenda to win seats in conservative districts including the 57th, 68th, and 96th Districts of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

This conduit has been funded by wealthy former Quirk Software CEO Tim Gill who has been retired, and lately has been using his fortunes to advance the homsexual agenda.  During a press conference call today, Wisconsin Family Action President Julianne Appling said that: “Gill has decided to target the state legislatures, because it is easy to use this conduit than going through the federal legislature, and it would be a building block to his credit to build his agenda.”

The conduit is targeting three conservative Assembly Districts in Wisconsin.  Personally, I am a native of the 57th Assembly District, and as an Appleton native I find it disturbing that Jo Egelhoff’s opponent, Penny Bernard Schaber is recieving a large sum of out of state special interest money especially far away like Denver and Tulsa, Oklahoma, add on the fact that Schaber has been recieving money from a lot of retired and current teachers in the Appleton Area also, that Schaber is a candidate that has been bought by the out of state stealth conduit of Tim Gill and also the candidate of WEAC who has recieved the blessing of the Appleton Education Association, which is the Appleton Area School District Teacher’s Union.  The Voters of the 57th Assembly District need to really question if Penny Bernard Schaber represents the values that Appleton voters look for.  For a candidate, that is funded by out of state gay and lesbian special interests in a city that is very conservative, I conculde that Schaber would be out of touch with Appleton.  Below are the links to the article by Tim Gill, todays Press release from WI Family Action Describing the ad campaign, and also links to Bernard-Schaber’s Campaign Finance Reports.

http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200703/tim-gill -Article describing the motives of Tim Gill

http://www.wisconsinfamilyaction.org/Media/PR_091008.pdf WI Family Action Press Release Describing Radio Ad Campaign

Links to Penny Bernard-Schaber’s Campaign Finance Reports

ftp://doaftp04.doa.state.wi.us/electionsboard/2008/BernardSchaberP-JUL08.xls July 2008 Finance Report

ftp://doaftp04.doa.state.wi.us/electionsboard/2007/BernardSchaberP-JAN08.xls January 2008 Campaign Finance Report

ftp://doaftp04.doa.state.wi.us/electionsboard/2007/SchaberP-JUL07.xls July 2007 Campaign Finance Report

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One Response to Wisconsin Family Action Launches Radio Ad Campaign Targeting a Stealth Gay/Lesbian Conduit towards Wisconsin Democrats Running for State Assembly

  1. I have no problem with the gay and lesbian agenda. In fact, I strongly oppose the discriminatory marriage amendment that recently passed in the state, but it is very troubling that Penny’s compaign is being bankrolled from big, out-of-state special interest groups. Just how responsive will she be to the people of Appleton? My guess is not at all: she will just be a rubber stamp for Assembly Democrats.

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