Get Beyond the Spin: JB is doing the Right Thing to take on Elections Fraud

No matter what the left talks about JB’s lawsuit move as the Attorney General to take on the Government Accountablity Board, we must applaud JB Van Hollen for taking a very tough stance to combat voting fraud in Wisconsin.  The left, including groups like ACORN, WISPIRG, and One Wisconsin Now do not want to take responsbility in solving the problem in voting fraud using the same old garbage press release line which is the same old voting intimidation tactics.

Well, the average citizen needs to know is the Government Accountablity Board is not enforcing the HAVA-Help America Vote Act, now groups want JB to recuse himself from the lawsuit despite Van Hollen is a statewide co-chair for John McCain.  You need to know JB is doing this for Wisconsin as his position as the State’s # 1 Law Enforcement official.  Basically, it is in the State’s best interest we need JB to take on the GAB in court to fight to make sure we have a fair election that elects the right person, not see some promising candidate get screwed over because some convicted felon has been allowed to vote which is illegal under law.

49 people in Wisconsin are facing criminal prosecution for producing fraudulent registrations, how many more registration workers facing prosecution is it going to take before the left gets the message.  Finally, we have an Attorney General that fights for us in JB Van Hollen and returning the Deparment of Justice to its mission statement, someone who goes to court when they are supposed to be in court, not like Jim Doyle when he was AG when he basically made consumer protection a glamour organization handing out checks like Dick Clark on the $100,000 Pyramid. JB Van Hollen PR announcing GAB lawsuit.

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