Debate One: McCain Wins Barely 10-7

On Friday Night, despite the debate was very ugly as I flipped back in forth between the debate and the Brewers game, I declare John McCain the winner by an eyelash.  The final score I say is John McCain 10 to 7 over Barack Obama using football scoring.

Explanation of Scoring

John McCain-10

John McCain won command in the first half of the debate on economic and domestic policy issues.  The responses he shown on the economy, especially on taxes was a winning response.  When Barack Obama kept evading on the issue over earmarks and trying to shift the blame back Obama lost a lot of ground on the Federal Budget issue.  McCain did not let Obama off the hook on key economic issues, therefore McCain scores a touchdown.  McCain earns the final three points as he played steady defense in not letting Obama attack in full force trying to tie McCain to Bush 43.  This even got the liberal news channels upset over Obama as they said Obama did not do enough to crack open the momentum, therefore I give John McCain three points for holding Barack Obama.  On the other side, McCain did not win the battle on foriegn policy at times looking uncomposed during the debate in a area he should win, but McCain again played very steady defense in not allowing Obama any inch to tie him to GWB.

Barack Obama-7

Barack Obama may have been prepared, but Obama basically came out flat in the first half of the debate on economic policy.  Obama did not score any points on economic policy because he tried very hard to skirt around the fact that McCain said that Obama requested over $936 million in earmarks and trying to say that business taxes are not too high in America.  Many economic analysts including Steven Moore of the Wall Street Journal know that if Obama is elected President that buisness and top taxes will go up.  Even when hit on the Ireland buisness tax measure, Obama offered nothing but the same old rheotric.  When Obama got the momentum going in foriegn policy it looked like Obama was more articulate in a area in which McCain should win, therefore give Obama a touchdown for clearly articulating foriegn policy, but Obama squandered many oppurtunities to take control and command of the debate and therefore it was evident in a ugly debate John McCain wins round 1 10 to 7.  Next up is the VP debate on Thursday and could there be a moment when Sarah Palin acts like Lloyd Bentsen and has a “you are no jack Kennedy” moment.

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