On the Economic Bailout

With all the changes that are happening in the economy and in the bailout, the Exponent has been careful to not gauge too early of opinion as there have been many changes.  First, I am free market and I was an economics tutor in college and understand the concepts of our economy as this is affecting our economy at a macro large scale level, but with the situation we are in right now, we need at least some intervention to get our credit markets unstuck.  Still, there needs to be restrictions on Wall Street to make sure we get back on track including no more golden parachutes and making sure CEO’s of bailed out companies do not make more than the highest paid government official.

The root cause is defientely the subprime crisis, and Owen at Boots and Sabers put out an excellent video that will change your mind on who you would vote for.  The problem is as a hint, this crisis has had a small start since the Carter Administration, we hope you will see the facts unfold and see that why Barack Obama’s muddled response on the economy proves he is not fit to lead:

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