Palin Scores An Monster Upset Win in the Vice Presidential Debate

Tonight, I watched the Vice Presidential Debate along with many others and tonight after scoring the debate on my own, Sarah Palin scored a monster upset win in the debate as she won the debate 1117 to 97 over Biden.

Before I get in depth on who scored what, Here is the scoring system the Exponent uses:

Normal Question and Awnser Responses

6 Points-Excellent

3 Points-Half correct


4-Excellent Game Changer

3-Does More than stated to correct an opponent

2-Somewhat Good

Closing Statements

Same system like normal awnsers, but anywhere from 1 to 4 bonus points can be awarded for strength.

So here is how we scored the debate

On the Bailout and Subprime Crisis-Sarah Palin took command of the debate mentioning it was about personal responsiblity to make sure we did not get in this mess again, I gave Palin 8 points for the bailout for doing more than awnsering of questions, Biden basically floundered when rationalizing who to blame but regained composure, therefore Biden scored 5 points, but basically on who to blame for the subprime crisis, Biden offered the same old empty response and scored a big fat zero, while Palin basically took this opportunity to take control of the debate at the end of the first two questions, Palin was up 15 to 5 and put Biden in attack mode.

When it came down to the issue of taxes, both sides did well in the debate on the question of tax relief as both points articulated their views well, but again Palin did again an excellent job making distinctions between McCain and Obama 7 points for Palin, 6 for Biden  At the end of 3 questions Palin took a commanding 22 to 11 lead over Biden.

The promises not keep question basically was a poorly worded question on the moderators fault not giving a good response by both candidates therefore both candidates in fairneess scored 3 points as Palin grew her lead 25 to 14.

But, when it came down to the mortage bankruptcy issue in part of economic issues, again Biden failed to make a distinction as he went too agressive and too forceful on his awnser, but when it came down to who warned the country first on the mortgage crisis it was McCain, PERIOD, not Obama and its a fact, basically Biden lied to America on who basically adressed the issue and basically this issue was a reason why he lost the debate as Palin scored 7 convicing points over a half-correct Biden response of 3 points,  as Palin grew her lead to 32 to 17.

The next two questions on climate change and same sex marriage, the scoring of points came down to who articulated their beliefs better and both sides did a good job articulating how they viewed climate change and same sex marriage, on the two camps combined both camps scored 6 points on each question.  Before foriegn policy questions Palin had a convincing 44 to 29 lead in which it was her debate to lose as many thought Biden could come back and win the debate as a huge slueth of foriegn policy questions came as it was make or break.

Then the foriegn policy questions came.  The first question was on the surge, both campaigns made attempts to awnser the question but as Biden turn to being forceful it got both camps into a sprited debate but it did not elcit a quality response, but for effort both Biden and Palin earn 3 points as its 47 to 32 Palin.

The game changer on foriegn policy came on dealing with Iran and Adjanmeijahd, Palin was more articulate and more direct on how to deal with the Iran situation and mentioning dealing with allies, Biden gave the same manufactured response that basically I thought was a turn-off to voters with his laywer, cavialer attitude and dealing with the nukes that Iran has, Palin scored 7 big points while Biden could only muster three points as Palin built a commanding 50 to 35 lead.  When it came down to the diplomacy question, I looked for which camp articualted the definition and view of diplomacy and not who is right or wrong, both camps articualted their views well and clear and earn 6 points as Palin grew her lead to 56-41.

The next two questions on a two state strategy and interventionist of foriegn policy had some good responses as both camps struggled to give good awnsers, but both camps recieve three points on both questions for the effort they have recieved as therefore Palin is still holding command of the debate 62-47.   The next question on Darfur, Palin surprisingly did well and talked about stopping genocide as she stopped Alasaka to giving money to Chad, therefore both camps articulated their views well and earned 6 points as it came to 68 to 53 Palin. 

Then, the moderator had another possible gamechanger that Biden could come back on who is better one heartbeat away, again I looked for who made the stronger case, not just good articulation.  Biden made a good claim on experience, but Palin took command of the debate again as she scored 8 points over Biden’s 6 on the question, sounding she has had the executive experience and it sounded like she was a veteran but she sounded like one of us as Palin had a convincing 76 to 59 lead. 

In the last four questions, both camps awnsered well, but again Palin was the better candidate as both camps scored 7 points on the worth of the VP and their achielles heel on their leadership, then both camps scored eight poins on the most defining issue they would pursue as a VP, but Biden had a little better response on Bipartisanship with 8 points over a Palin 7 point response just on experience.  Before the closing the statement, Palin grew her lead to 107-89 before the closing statements.

When it came down to the closing statements, Palin had a skill of communication unsurpassed as she scored 10 convicing points on why she was the better candidate.  Biden scored 8 points for just a basic closing statement with some good facts, but not convicing enough.  Delaware and Alaska both have College Hockey and the Seawolves scored a mighty upset over the Fighting Blue Hens 117 to 97.

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5 Responses to Palin Scores An Monster Upset Win in the Vice Presidential Debate

  1. Mark says:

    Did we watch the same channel tonight? You silly maverick you. 117-97? Fact: Plain’s answers – canned, crammed, learned in one week. Biden’s answers – 35 years of foreign real policy experience.

  2. Amy says:

    Palin needs to clean out her ears! She did not the answer the questions asked. She did great by comparison of her utter disasters of interviews she has given, however is this the starting point for which we want to compare our next vice-president?

  3. ihearteconomics says:

    I thought Palin was a little jittery and failed to answer a couple of questions extensively. Kinda seemed like she was moving on to another argument because she didn’t have much to offer for whatever she was asked. From the post-debate reactions, it seems quite a few individuals felt the same.

    But overall Palin did pretty well especially when everyone was expecting her to stumble based on her recent media interviews. So she gets a thumbs-up from me for effort and grace.

    Biden was more convincing for me, however. He was far more assertive and confident and he stuck to factual persuasion – my kinda thing.

    Palin kinda overdid the “i’m-just-like-you” persona when she’s clearly not like the average American, which is totally fine, personally. Maybe certain portions of the electorate like that. So hope she won their hearts.

    Biden won the debate in my opinion, though it wasn’t as convincing a victory as Obama’s in his debate with McCain.

    This debate doesn’t change my views, but it did perhaps give me an insight into their personalities. The policies McCain-Palin offer don’t cut it for me. Obama-Biden’s got my vote.

    Anyway, you really gotta work on your spelling. 🙂

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  5. wanting a favorite personal candidate to win is different from that candidate winning—Such an evaluation possibly was written prior to this so-called “Debate”?

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