On the UW Band’s Recent Suspension

I heard this weekend of the UW Band being suspended indefinitely and personally being an proud alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison I want to make this statement on this recent action.

I am very ashamed by the actions of what is the pride of a great university as there is perhaps another case of sexual and alcohol related hazing on the UW Marching Band.  Personally, these actions destroy our reputation as a state and as a university as a whole.  Mike Leckrone has built such a following of the band in which has captured the hearts and minds of many badger fans and alumni in Wisconsin and across the nation as one the best marching bands around.

But personally, this is a disgrace to our university.  To whoever committed these acts of hazing and Mike Leckrone should offer an explanation to the people of Wisconsin, the fans, and the alumni of what happened.  Also, whoever is held responsible along with Leckrone owe the people of Wisconsin an apology and to do something so we can rebuild trust and pride in one of our state’s treasures.  This recent action is the latest of the liberal hyperculture that is destroying the University System in Wisconsin and if the Republicans uphold control in the State Assembly, I hope Rep. Steve Nass a good friend and colleague of mine who is the chairman of the Colleges and Universities Committee has a full investigation on these latest actions and also starts to not let more liberal leadership at the UW-Madison Chancellor’s post in Biddy Martin destroys a great university system.  Personally, I feel taxpayers as a whole in WIsconsin are starting have enough of how the liberal running of the UW System is destroying a great university.

But on another note disconnected from the band, we are seeing how the policy under Governor Jim Doyle is destroying the University of Wisconsin system.  This is why we need a Governor like Scott Walker to reform the University System so people once again can be proud of our university.

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