On the UW Band Situation, What the UW Administration Will Not Tell You

This past weekend I was in Madison for the football game, and over the weekend when I met some buddies of mine I also ran into some of them who were to the North Shore Exponent strong sources as the Exponent is reporting with exclusive information on the UW Band Hazing Incident.

One, there should be cause for concern not just for fans, but also there should be scruitny on how the University is handling the investigation involving alledged hazing.  The sources I talked to close to the band over the weekend have told me that this is something closely related to what happened in 2006 and the anyomous, credible tip that was given to Mike Leckrone the band director was that there was sexual hazing that happened during the recent road trip against Michigan.  This was mentioned according to the sources I talked to when Mike Leckrone called the band into the meeting on late Friday afternoon and announced that the band would not be playing.

We agree from the information that Today’s TMJ 4 in Milwaukee broke first about the story and from the sources I talked to that this is only happening to a small number of band participants, but the response over how Leckrone and the UW Administration are handling the adminstration are very mixed according to other blogs and from a new report from WISC-TV 3 in Madison that Leckrone is defending his move and the adminstration’s move to suspend the band from Saturday’s game.

However, we feel that the University of WIsconsin-Madison is poorly handling the situation by how Leckrone and University administrators reacted at the time when what many Wisconsin media sources called the anyomous tip given to Leckrone a very legit case.  In a case, where an organization like the UW-Madison is funded by taxpayer dollars the North Shore Exponent believes that organizations like the UW should be fully straight forward and explain to the public what happened in a concise manner.  The UW should and deserve to give its fans, alumni, and the people of Wisconsin a better, straight forward response to this siutation.  Personally, I request State Representative Steve Nass of Whitewater  who is the Head of the Assembly Colleges and Universities Committie conduct a full audit of how the UW has handled investigations recently including the UW Band, and also how the UW has handled the Brittany Zimmerman case.  It is not that the students involved are held accountable, but we need to start holding accountable UW Administrators who do not serve the best interest of Wisconsin.

Lastly, the Wisconsin Badgers need to win the game against Penn State on Saturday, not so the football team gets back to its winning ways, but so we can get some pride back as a state after what happened last week.  Personally, I felt that for this incident to be discussed on an nationally televised game takes a embarrsing hit to the national reputation of the UW-Madison.

http://www.channel3000.com/news/17638870/detail.html WISC-TV Article

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