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Happy Thanksgiving

As I am on my way back home for Thanksgiving, I want to wish you and your family a safe and happy thanksgiving. As I reflect this Thanksgiving I have a lot to be thankful with equated with unprecedented accomplishment … Continue reading

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Look on the Bright Side: Governor Races in 2010 Conservatives Can Win

Today, I watched Jenny “No Jobs Jenny” Granholm on CNN talking on the auto bailout.  Michigan is suffering economically, but the thing is you can take some comfort is that Michigan limits the amount of terms governors can serve along … Continue reading

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WI Alumni Association: Bielema Must Win Big Ten in 2009 or He is Fired!!!

A NORTH SHORE EXPONENT EXCLUSIVE The Badger Blog on JS Online has broke through some sources that the WI Alumni Association has been telling people close to the organization that if Bielema does not win the Big Ten Conference in … Continue reading

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Assembly Speaker Sheridan Needs to Know It will Take a 21st Century Economy to Resurge Wisconsin

Mike Sheridan this week has talked on the All Politics Blog in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about trying to get good jobs back in Wisconsin especially in economically distressed areas like Janesville and Beloit.  Sheridan is a retired Janesville GM … Continue reading

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Railroad Commissioner Roger Breske to Doyle: “Stop Making my Agency a Dog and Pony Show”

Roger Breske who has just been appointed Railroad Commissioner in the State of Wisconsin from Governor Doyle has given the Governor a dose of pure straight talk during what could be the worse state budget session ever.  When Governor Jim … Continue reading

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An Idea for the Big Three Looking for the Bailout: The Motor City Bowl Proceeds Should Be their Bailout, Not the Government

  As the Auto industry and the big unions are coughing up cash, if they really want a bailout they should consider tapping into the Motor City Bowl because the Big Three automakers sponsor the Motor City Bowl. Tickets are $45, … Continue reading

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New Report Shows Wisconsin Slips in New Economic Development in 2008, Another Sign We Need New Economic Leadership in Madison

Today, I just got a report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation showing that Wisconsin has slipped rankings overall for how we are developing 21st Century jobs in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has slipped to 33rd in America in developing a … Continue reading

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