To the Readers of the Exponent

I have been on a recess from blogging due to elections efforts in the past month, but now with the election over I am back blogging and now it is time to re-focus the energy on making sure that America does not go down the wrong track as now we have total Democrat control of Government from the White House to the State House in Madison.

Despite the election was lost for conservatives on the economy, right now before any get sworn into office the news in Madison is very disturbing as now there are calls for massive tax increases and another attempt to shove down the Healthy Wisconsin plan down everyone’s throats.  It will be important for conservatives to be the hockey goalie and the goal line defense and work together to stop our economy from going backwards.

The last thing Wisconsin needs is more tax increases and regulations at a time when the economy is getting worse by the day.  As a blog, the North Shore Exponent will highlight the most important priorities for Wisconsin and for America in 2009 which are:

  • Getting our Economy Back on Track without costly tax hikes that kill jobs.
  • Creating an environment for  new family supporting jobs to come in Wisconsin and stay in WIsconsin.
  • Reducing our tax burden in WIsconsin.
  • Improving access to quality, affordable health care  without government mandates.
  • Advocating for transparency in our government so people know where Wisconsin spends our tax dollars.
  • Stopping wasteful government spending and eliminating wasteful pork barrel projects.
  • Judges that respect the rule of law and do not legislate from the bench.
  • Supporting legislation that promotes the family and stopping liberal anti-family legislation that destroys our society.
  • A world class education system that empowers both kids and parents to choose where they should go to school, not WEAC bueraucrats. 
  • Reforming Milwaukee Public Schools.
  • Reviltalizing Milwaukee and bringing back the city to its orgininal purpose the State’s number one business hub.
  • Keeping our Communities Safe and Being Tough on Crime.
  • Holding elected officials who vote against what the fabric the Great State of Wisconsin is built on accountable.

We hope you will join us now and in 2009 and helping expose threats to the American Dream and take action to make sure we keep enjoying the quality of life we deserve.

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