On California Prop 8: The Voters Have Spoken, Respect the Decision of the People

It was very shocking to see on FOX News yesterday a gripping scene from a prop 8 protest in which a traditional marriage supporter holding a cross gets it knocked out of her hands from angry proposition 8 protesters.  The voters of California have spoken already to make marriage between only a man and a woman, but also according to the Pro-Prop 8 committie that still domestic partners in California still have the same benefits as married couples.

What you are seeing in California is pro-family policies under attack.  I was one of the many citizens in Wisconsin in 2006 who voted to make marriage between only one man and one woman.  I voted yes to ban gay marriage because a foundation of a society is strong families  between a Mom and a Dad.  I voted to make sure the institution of family is not under attack and my future kids and my young nephews are being taught the right values in our schools in Wisconsin.  I did not vote yes because of party politics, I voted yes for the youngest people of my family in mind.  I remember that the opposition towards the ban on gay marriage at UW-Madison was very vigourous and I recieved a lot of heat and a lot of criticisim from friends over my yes vote.  I responded back saying, I voted not because of an ideology, I voted yes because I am a proud uncle of three nephews and I do care that the institution of family is not destroyed and if we want in this bastion of freedom our society to be strong that strong societies become strong from strong families.  If the people protesting prop 8 got the message then they would not compensate their poorly run campaign for protests that make even the liberal of mainstream media laugh.

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One Response to On California Prop 8: The Voters Have Spoken, Respect the Decision of the People

  1. Chris says:

    I agree with you to an extent, the people have spoken and they define marriage to be between a man and woman. If this get’s overturned, I will be very dissapointed in our system of government.

    With that said, I am also for marriage between a man and a woman. However, I feel that they should have the same exact legal rights as a heterosexual couple. The government cannot tell a church what they should recognize as marriage, however they can afford the same legal rights to a homo-sexual couple as they do a straight couple. This has absolutely no bearing on my personal life, my children, and my wife.

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