Jim Doyle Is More than Likely to Go on Obama Cabinet

The reports are now out that President-elect Barack Obama has contacted Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle.  It is more than likely it is the beginning path of starting to confirm speculation that Doyle may go on the Obama Cabinet.  If this happens, expect Jim Doyle to be the Secretary of Education or the Federal Attorney General.

The speculation has been imminent among the insiders who follow politics in Wisconsin and in Washington as many blogs have speculated Doyle to become Attorney General or Secretary of Education.

If Doyle accepts a position, expect a very contentious budget battle as Barbara Lawton is no Jim Doyle as she will become Governor.  Many citizens of Wisconsin once they get to know Barbara Lawton will be turned off by her extreme left-wing agenda.  A Doyle appointment to the Obama Administration is the first sign we will see major changes in 2010 as many Wisconsinites including me are thirsting for a new Governor like Scott Walker.  Scott Walker attended the National Republican Governors Conference this week in Miami and it is a first sign that Scott Walker will run for Governor.

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