An Idea for the Big Three Looking for the Bailout: The Motor City Bowl Proceeds Should Be their Bailout, Not the Government

motorcity  As the Auto industry and the big unions are coughing up cash, if they really want a bailout they should consider tapping into the Motor City Bowl because the Big Three automakers sponsor the Motor City Bowl.

Tickets are $45, but lets add $20 to make them $65 with $20 or $30 going to a fund in which $10 goes to GM, $10 to Ford, and $10 to DaimlerChrysler.  Ford Field is a 65,000 seat stadium which means the Big Three would split over $195,000.  Perhaps if the Big three is so reckless, we should give the people who attend a big time sporting event or concert in the Detroit region an option they would pay $30 more for a ticket with the extra fee going to the big three auto fund.

I mean, Wisconsin will not end up in the Motor City Bowl against Central Michigan, but hopefully some Big Ten team’s fan base like the Illinois Fighting Illini who goes to the bowl will be very generous.  I think this would be much better than actually have the big three complain to Congress and have the UAW ask for another handout.

Think of what Detroit’s hosting that would give Detroit so much cash to help out the big three.

  • 2009 Men’s Basketball Final Four
  • Motor City Bowl
  • 2010 Men’s Ice Hockey Final Four
  • Mid American Conference Football Conference Championship
  • NCAA Basketball regionals

So executives of GM, Ford, and Chrysler, here is your bailout plan, leave us taxpayers alone because I do not want to bail you out.

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3 Responses to An Idea for the Big Three Looking for the Bailout: The Motor City Bowl Proceeds Should Be their Bailout, Not the Government

  1. lg says:

    I visit
    It is too highlights

  2. Margaret says:

    If the automakers were looking to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep from laying off millions of workers, then this plan would be perfect; however, the seem to think that tens of billions is necessary. Now, just because I don’t think that $195,000 would fix their budgetary concerns does not mean that I fail to see the truth in your argument. It is true that these megalithic companies have the power to alter the way they do business in order to provide themselves with a great deal of liquid capital. The aggravating thing about their proposal is that they want the bailout so as to avoid changing the way they do business – which waists hundreds of millions of dollars each year. While I can’t see us talking the government out of following through with this bailout, the smart move for our economy is to focus on building new businesses in technology based markets which will create jobs and bring capital into the national economy. There are small, tightly run, responsible organizations attempting to provide the growth our economy needs. We should focus on supporting that innovation rather than always looking to these overgrown bureaucratic nightmare companies to fix an economy they broke with a focus on middle management ahead of innovative production.

  3. ford field says:

    INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA will announce the host cities Wednesday for the men’s basketball Final Fours in 2012 through 2016. They will be selected from the 10 bids submitted in June: Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, New

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