New Report Shows Wisconsin Slips in New Economic Development in 2008, Another Sign We Need New Economic Leadership in Madison

Today, I just got a report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation showing that Wisconsin has slipped rankings overall for how we are developing 21st Century jobs in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has slipped to 33rd in America in developing a 21st Century Economy in Wisconsin.  However, there were some positives as Wisconsin was rated high in 

* The Development of e-government

* Health information technology development

* Industry investment in research and development. 

Also, the New Economy Index shown Wisconsin had top 25 ratings in:

  • E-government, 10th.
  • Health information technology, 12th.
  • Industry investment in R&D, 15th.
  • Value-added manufacturing, 21st.
  • Technology in schools, 19th.
  • Broadband/telecommunications, 24th.
  • Scientists and engineers, 24th.
  • Non-industry investment in R&D, 24th.
  • Workforce education, 25th.

But, because of failed economic leadership in Madison we are rated poorly in gazelle jobs which are fast-growing jobs, where it ranked 27th in 2008 after placing 23rd in 2007 and entrepreneurial activity  (creting new businesses) where it ranked 43rd after placing 18th in 2007.   Wisconsin’s ratings fell considerably in terms of online population, where it dropped from 15th to 34th. 

When you look at these ratings they reflect failed economic leadership we have in Madison in which Wisconsin has been going through five commerce secertaries in nearly five years is unacceptable.  Also, you can blame this on a horrible business climate as the Tax Foundation has Wisconsin rated #38 on our business climate.  Now, with Wisconsin facing a five billon dollar budget deficet and now the prospects of higher taxes and fees, and government run health care Wisconsin cannot afford to slip no more.  

In 2009, the North Shore Exponent will press for a multi-step economic agenda in which creates jobs and return on investment the right way in Wisconsin without raising taxes or fees.  

This article puts in context a couple arguements that if we will develop the new jobs of tomorrow.  First, we need to lower taxes and control state spending.  Second, Wisconsin must have a JOBZ (job oppurtunity building zones) program like Minnesota.  Cities like Janesville, and Milwaukee are prime examples.  We must have incentives to get the new information economy to come to manufacturing clad cities like Janesville and Milwaukee by giving businesses tax credits for creating jobs and keeping jobs in Wisconsin that pay good wages and have excellent benefits.  When cities like Chicago are taxing the heck out its people, there is no excuse Wisconsin stands mute and does not do something.  Take a look at the report below, and once you read it, this will convince you in 2010 we need a change in Madison.

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3 Responses to New Report Shows Wisconsin Slips in New Economic Development in 2008, Another Sign We Need New Economic Leadership in Madison

  1. Madison says:

    With all the great companies we have in Milwaukee It should be a no-brainer to get large information companies in Milwaukee and rural areas. In MN and ND there are many large information companies in the rural areas. They come there for the work ethic those states have. Which I believe is also true for Wisconsin. Chicago is not even in the game.

  2. Kyle Maichle says:

    Wisconsin has a strong work ethic, no doubt, but our business climate is turning away good jobs and we need to change the way our business climate is.

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