Assembly Speaker Sheridan Needs to Know It will Take a 21st Century Economy to Resurge Wisconsin

Mike Sheridan this week has talked on the All Politics Blog in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about trying to get good jobs back in Wisconsin especially in economically distressed areas like Janesville and Beloit.  Sheridan is a retired Janesville GM Plant worker who has served in the UAW and we respect his hard work and service to help the people of Janesville who depended on the GM Plant to make a living during this tough economic time.

But, Assembly Speaker Sheridan misses the point on the arguement on creating new jobs in Wisconsin, Sheridan does not understand that maunfacturing alone will not solve our jobs deficet in Wisconsin.  The North Shore Exponent now and in the future will press for a 21st Century Economy in Wisconsin to make our state better.  Sheridan notes that Janesville, Beloit, and Milwaukee have been hit hard by manufacturing job losses, but talking will not get the job done as Wisconsin is facing its worst budget deficet in Wisconsin.  

Speaker Sheridan needs to know that restructuring Wisconsin’s economy will need a multiple step approach to get new jobs and the North Shore Exponent asks Assembly Speaker Sheridan to Press and Economic Agenda that will:

  1. Give special tax credits to companies in the business, information technology, bio-tech, and medical sectors who create new jobs and keep them in Wisconsin in economically distressed areas like Janesville/Beloit, Appleton, and even Milwaukee.
  2. Stop the Soaring Deficet by CUTTING SPENDING.  We ask Speaker Sheridan to look at New Jersey and its massive problems under Governor Jon Corzine.  Consolidation, higher taxes, and four day work weeks will not be the awnser unless you get the spending down.  This is why New Jersey is a Governor’s race to look at in 2009 as prominent Conservative activist Steve Lonegan is hinting a run as NJ’s Governor.  Wisconsin does not need to be another New Jersey
  3. Restructure our re-training programs by using the Tech College system as a partner.  We need to help people get the 21st century re-training for a job that will allow them to re-participate in the new economy.  Right now, our re-training programs are only for entry level jobs, and we need to re-structure how Wisconsin re-trains workers.
  4. Audit the entire Department of Commerce and if possible, please eliminate the Commerce Secretary, axe all the 150 different economic agencies, and reduce it to one, and all any employers want to do when they want to create jobs in Wisconsin is call one number and they will get the help they need.  Everywhere I go to conferences across America, people from other states are telling me, get rid of your commerce secretary this your big problem in Wisconsin.  They are right, if we are having five commerce secretaries in five years, we need to start thinking of getting rid the Commerce Department along with everyone’s most hated the DNR and re-structure.

These are four major steps we need to take in 2009 to make our economy in Wisconsin thrive again. Online on Speaker Sheridan and the Economy

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