Railroad Commissioner Roger Breske to Doyle: “Stop Making my Agency a Dog and Pony Show”

Roger Breske who has just been appointed Railroad Commissioner in the State of Wisconsin from Governor Doyle has given the Governor a dose of pure straight talk during what could be the worse state budget session ever.  When Governor Jim Doyle said to agencies to tighten their belts further, you now got Democrats that are divided.  Breske who has been considered to be a conservative democrat which is a rare breed in Madison because of his strong pro-life, pro-tavern league stances has said to Governor Doyle, “You are making my agency look like a dog and pony show.”  Even Democrat Secretary of State Doug LaFollette even saidthat he is running at the bare minimum for the Secretary of State’s Office.

Right here is a recipe for massive, state budget disaster.  When our State is looming at a record deficet of over $6 billion dollars which is close to worse than Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois, it shows right now again we have a leadership deficet in Wisconsin.  Also, when you have Joe Wienke the State Democrat Party Chairman saying that income taxes should be raised another ten percent in Wisconsin, it shows a serious red flag in the State of Wisconsin.  This is right here a growing case against Jim Doyle in 2010.  

When even agency heads in his own party clash with Doyle it shows that this is a Governor who is very vulnerable, and perhaps the most vulnerable in America next to the corrupt Illinois Governor Blagojevich.  It is time to end the budget games and start giving the citizens of Wisconsin a fair budget that does not raise taxes, keeps spending in check, and allows for new jobs to come to Wisconsin.

http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/news/34764414.html-JS Online Article

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