WI Alumni Association: Bielema Must Win Big Ten in 2009 or He is Fired!!!


The Badger Blog on JS Online has broke through some sources that the WI Alumni Association has been telling people close to the organization that if Bielema does not win the Big Ten Conference in 2009 he will be on his way out of Madison.

The game was not pretty on Saturday against Cal-Poly, but we won.  Still, I am very concerned about the football program.  We cannot go backwards, we need to keep winning and this starts first if people want Bret Bielema fired, its time the Badgers can the defensive corrdinator.  Dave Doeren is a very incompetent defensive coordinator for major Division 1 college football and still he has no clue to run a defense.  The defense is a big problem.  Also, we will not forget the Michigan State game in which Bielema got flagged for barking at the refs too much.  Bielema needs to look in the mirror and keep his own composure or why is another assistant coach not restraining him when he gets out of control.  

Wisconsin cannot afford a losing season, and we know what the Don Morton days are like for the badgers which is being the laughing stock of the Big Ten.

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