Look on the Bright Side: Governor Races in 2010 Conservatives Can Win

Today, I watched Jenny “No Jobs Jenny” Granholm on CNN talking on the auto bailout.  Michigan is suffering economically, but the thing is you can take some comfort is that Michigan limits the amount of terms governors can serve along other states.  This means that the Democrats who are the incumbents in the offices of Governors and the legislature are more than likely to lose.  As up to 38 Governorships are up in the next two years here are the states that will flip from blue to red in 2009 and 2010

  • New Jersey-Governor Corzines distatorus leadership=Dems Lose Big in 2009!!!
  • Wisconsin-The DPW is more vulnerable by the day over the state budget.  If the budget gets ugly, Dems lose big.
  • Virginia-Tim Kaine is term limited but the governor is making the dems look embattled and it seems VA and NJ which are elected in 2009 are big time pick ups for the conservatives.
  • Illinois-There are at least 2-3 good GOP candidates and the Democratic Party in Illinois is starting to show fractures with Rod Blagojevich’s approval rating at thirteen percent, and their current AG is linked to the corruption of the Illinois Dems.  The divisions will be evident during the Dem Primary .  Despite both major parties have fractures, expect the incumbent party who does poor with the economy to be voted out.
  • Arizona-Janet Napolatino is gone to be in the Obama Cabinet and because the GOP controls the legislature, they will have their say.
  • New York State-If Rudy Guiliani runs, their current governor will be a thing of the past thanks to the womanizer Elliot Spitzer.
  • Maryland-Depending on Who Runs-If Bob Elrich runs as Martin O’ Malley has an approval rating worse than Bush, Maryland may flip to red.
  • Colorado-Depending on who runs

States that will remain conservative

  • California
  • Minnesota
  • Alaska
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire
  • Nevada
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
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